Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thankfulness in November 

1. Person. I’m so thankful for my husband. I am not sure what my life would have been like if he had not pursued me dispite our two month break up over 32 years ago. My life is blessed with him and our six great kids. Blessed by his constancy while I’m all over the place. Sometimes after I go off on some real or imagined tangent, I reawaken to see Craig, steadfast as ever, guiding me back to where I should be.

2. Animal. Our dog Sheila. She wasn’t always as good as she is now. She is the best. Our separation three years ago helped her grow in devotion to us. She works hard. You can see her love for us in her eyes. Our chickens and guineas are a close second. Our chickens wouldn’t have the freedom they have if it wasn’t for Sheila. 

3. Cozy Place. My library. Quiet, comfortable, dedicated space for peacefulness.

4. Favorite snack. Changes, but recently  Fritos and Fritos bean dip. I’ve been on the road too much. 

5. Place. Our parish, Regina Caeli Parish. Beautiful 40 acres in the heart of the city given with love dedicated to our Lord.

6. Pair of shoes. My flip flop slides I like to pretend are nicer than they are and wear them everywhere.

7. Scent. Gardenias. Mom had a bush outside and when the wind blew, I soaked in that sweet smell. When I first was working after college, I️ Neimans’ had a perfume called Gardinas. It was my splurge and I doused my self  in that seeet scent daily. 

8. Restaurant. Chuys! 

9. Blog/website. So many. But this year the site for traditional mass readings and regular mass readings have kept me current on my bible study following through the liturgical year.

10. Time of day. Bedtime. (Mom of six).

11. Tradition. Thanksgiving. To be consciously thankful, to tell others I’m thankful for them, to stop an account for things and people I am glad are in my life, a specially set apart day to tell God Thank You!

12. Gadget. My phone. Used too much I do admit.

13. Something old. Handmade Christmas ornaments of Craig’s grandmother. 

14. Something new. New favorite sweater recently picked up at Chico’s. 

15. Experience. Travels and moves.

16. Recipe. My mom’s chocolate pie. Peanut butter blossoms is my most cooked single item, brownies come in second.

17. Store. Costco. Love hate relationship. 

18. Quote. Anything from Saint Therese. 

“Miss no single opportunity of making some small sacrifice, here by a smiling look, there by a kindly word; always doing the smallest right and doing it all for love.”

“For me, prayer is a surge of the heart; it is a simple look turned toward heaven, it is a cry of recognition and of love, embracing both trial and joy.”

“The world's thy ship and not thy home.

19. Clothing. Comfy pair of jeans.

20. Keepsake. My engagement ring. I had it cut off in a panic during my pregnancy with Cecilia. I experienced a lot of claustrophobia during her pregnancy. I later had the ring fixed but the repair failed and it’s open still on back side. I need to get I repaired so it doesn’t pinch my finger. But I still wear it often. My priest told me to touch my wedding rings and say a pray for my husband and our marriage often during the day. That pinch is another reminder to pray for marriages.

21. Disappointment/fear. Running out... Money, supplies, food. I’ve been too materialistic my whole life. I’ve made great strides on this failing this past year, trusting in God. Long way to go still.

22. Book. I love when I find a new favorite. I have enjoyed reading Psalms, Ecclesiasticus/Sirach and the Gospels this year. I reread Jane Austin, Willa Cather, Flannery O’Conner....

23. Feeling. Love. Being loved. Being appreciated. 

24. Photo. Yes. My hobby. I love taking photos and put my favorites on all walls in my home, my Instagram and anywhere. 

25. Luxury. Pedicure. 

26. Charity. Assumption Grotto in Detroit was a our parish when we lived up there. They have a beautiful shrine dedicated to Our Lady that they were restoring while we were there. They had a mass enrollment called patron of the shrine to help support the shine and masses would be offered for your intentions. They provide a card for spiritual enrollment of for the deceased. 

27. Song. Changes, but I have a theme song for experiences in life. Personal lyrics. When we move, when huge changes face me, And it’s usually a song the kids and I play loudly in the car and sing along. Years later when I hear the song, the memory of that event flood back and I’m thankful I have survived, thankful to remember overcoming that strife. 

28. Gift. My Aunt Carolyn never missed sending a card for every holiday, and somehow manages to time it perfectly. She’s never missed the kids’ birthdays.

29. Something at home. Crucifix my sister brought me from her trip to Rome early in our marriage. 

30. What am I most thankful for? Every new day. A chance and opportunity to begin a new, to correct a wrong, to work to better health, greater spirituality, to be with my loved ones. Just the gift a another day to live. 

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