Monday, August 14, 2017

Exploring Texas with Masako

The Museum of Fine Arts of Houston had an exhibit that we decided on at the ticket counter to add, meaning, I had no idea what we were going to see. It was called the Pipilotti Forest, so I hadn't been thinking lights. It claimed spending time in the forest your worries would disappear. I think it was such a curious and interesting exhibit, I can see how the imagination takes over and leaves no room for worries. It added $3 per ticket and we all agreed it was worth it.

 Ancient cities exhbits...

 and there was another exhibit we didn't choose to add on, but it looked very interesting:

 We tend to get a little silly at the end of our art museum visits, indicating it is time for us to leave. This painting cause us so much curiosity, how the artist added himself in, we thought more than one. I won't say anyone used snapchat filters to add to the curiosity, and I won't include the winner here. I may have been an art class fail, but we had a great time.

 Masako enjoys making a photo album of her time here. The hard thing is picking pics to include and exclude.

 We've hit many stops on my wish list including Cavenders to get Masako a cowboy hat. 
Chuys, Bucees, Farmer's Markets, Our church, Local Church, malls, outlet malls, walmart, Target, HEB and more and more..

  The mothership of all Texas water parks - a day spend at Schlitterbahn was so much fun, turmoil, excitement, I'd love to go into details of it all, but I won't since some details I would like to forget.

 beginning of day
 end of day, a little sunburned.

We visited Austin to meet some more of my extended family. Masako brought beautiful hand towels for my parents hosting us.

 Lilly loves playing with toys, games and puzzles the other grandkids have enjoyed over the years.

 We played tennis before it hit 100 degrees. 

My dad is building a fourth choir stand to add to the three he made years ago for his parish. His last large furniture project just before he turns 80! My nephews helped out with the big moves and I am sure they learned so much from him.

When someone visits from out of town, the Oasis for sunset over Lake Travis is a must see and visit.

Another play at Winedale rounded out our central Texas visit. Lots of my family came, representing each of the four daughters, 10/18 grandkids and my parents. Why didn't I get a picture of all of us?

We saw King Lear. We sat up front. I explained the story best I could, but forgot to warn about the gouging out of the Earl's eyes. These actors did a great job that Lilly and Masako visited with the "Earl" after the play to see his bandage and how he was able to appear eye-less. We was blind through the remaining parts of his performance.
Shakespeare's Tragedy's end with funerals, and many deaths.
Comedies end in weddings.

One more week before we say goodbye to Masako and turn our thoughts to the school year.

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