Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May Memories

Its been a great year for the garden!

Healthy water from the garden.

Bag worms are a big problem in our area this year. Wasps are their natural predator.

All beetles are now gone, bees are happy and docile to work around once again.


Wrong way, Albert, that is a long drop to the creek.

Testing the new mini pool and water temp before showing the puppies.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Animals on the Farm

After almost a year, the peacocks strolled back home. Last July, neighbors called saying their dogs were trying to kill the peacocks. The had decided to roam and there wasn't anything I could do to keep them home. Our two peahens had died, and we hadn't replaced them.
I was working in the garden and heard the peacock whahoo, and thought maybe neighbor had peacocks. Then these two guys walked up like they were always here.
All animals were surprised and had battles of dominance and acceptance. All is calm now. They are  curious animals.
A friend of mine fosters puppies and put a picture on IG of a batch of Catahoula hound pups she fostered. I showed Craig and the kids and they decided we had to have two! 
Albert and Veronica are home now, having to make their own adjustments and friendships. Gromit love the pups, Shelia won't have anything to do with them. She raised the lambs, maybe she's out of the nanny business. 
The water fowl made heir own pack/ flock. Safety in numbers. We lost the white female duck early on, but no one else. They need help going up in coop at night. (Not the brightest animal). Our two year old duck has left the coop and made a neat under the house. We don't know if she wanted space or is sitting on eggs, but we're not sure how they'd be fertilized. 

Lilly is 7