Saturday, April 8, 2017

A Lenten Day Book

My prayer and theme for Lent has been:
May the will of my soul be stronger than the will of my body and be united with Christ through adoration, prayer and sacrifice.
From my Biible study..a recurring passage through Lent:
 (Ps. 102:10; 78:8-9)
O Lord, repay us not according to the sins we have committed, nor according to our iniquities.  O Lord, remember not our iniquities of the past; let Your mercy come quickly to us, for we are being brought very low. (Here all kneel.) Help us, O God our Saviour, and for the glory of Your name, O Lord, deliver me; and pardon us our sins for Your name's sake.

Outside my, beautiful evening after a wonderful, busy day.

I am thinking about...The Legion of Mary. Our parish is beginning a praesidium. We have a dynamic, experienced leader who has had great success in his past with saving and comforting souls through the Legion.  Do any of you belong? I am thinking this might not be the time in my life and may see about becoming an auxiliary member. It seems like it would be an extremely satisfying way to help Our Lady save souls.

I am praying for..our country, and a special personal intention that has been weighing me down. Also for thanksgiving for my family in Sweden, who were near but not involved in the recent terrorist attack.

I am thankful...for my husband and for God's care over us. 

In the kitchen...after a big day of outside work, I'm smelling dinner for a Friday in Lent: meatless spaghetti, sautéed vegetables. Euly and Ceci have been busy taking care of us.

I am creating.. or beginning to think about school planning for next year. I'd rather not, but everyone I know wants to know my plans. Haha! I guess I should make some. 

I am de clutter and clean as an annual exercise for Holy Week. Then on Thursday, begin the Triduum in prayer with Holy Thursday, my favorite mass of the year.

I finished reading...Bronte's Villette.  It was a slow read, steeped with rich vocabulary. We had a quick discussion with my book club and agreed we all learned to love the book and characters as the story progressed, ever so slowly. Now we have assigned ourselves Mark Twains' Joan of Arc. 

I am watching...chickens, guineas and cows outside my window. I think I am the exhibit in 
the zoo sometimes. The animals look in the window and call for food. 

I have been watching... dramas and comedies on DramaFever, a Korean video app. Watching The Tunnel now. My family thinks I'm crazy, I cannot understand a word, of course, subtitles help. I have enjoyed a look into the culture,  pondered at some religious confusing of Christianity and reincarnation, and enjoyed the stories, especially the crime and historical dramas. I love the modest clothing styles and behavior between men and women, especially their speak. They do seem to hold so much back, reserved thoughts, no bad language except "geez," "punk" etc. hehe. It could all just be their Hollywood's interpretation and not true to Korean life, but I've enjoyed many of the stories. 

I am listening to...wind chimes picking up, I think a rain is coming today.

I am looking forward to...Molly coming to spend a quick Easter weekend with us.

Around our school...I'm enjoying discussions our economics class brings up. So much to learn about the economy, and enriched by other inspired conversations and discussion of where our economy is headed and how we could be saved from a disastrous direction our previous president projected our path.

Around the farm...we have bees! I think they are settled in, I'm not afraid ofthe idea of them any more. I make a sugar feed and add to the hive weekly and check progress. 

Around the garden... cleaning and weeding today. I'm planning a smaller garden this year. Nothing exotic, just all our favorite herbs, tomatos, peppers, cucumbers, cantaloupe, watermelon and squash varieties. We have leftovers from last year: celery, asparagus, red cabbage, strawberries, kale and lots of herbs: mint, cilantro, Italian parsley and mint. I plan to use one bed for flowers this year. And I'd love to plant a hydrangea somewhere with in the garden fence.
I now have a water spigot close to the garden. It is nice to start off a little a head, since I haven't planted any started weds before today!

Around the house...we have so much calcium in our water, we are looking into water softeners. Any advice?

A favorite quote/verse/prayer for today...Fatima prayers are on my my and in my heart,  especially this one which The Angel taught the children while in a prayer posture of deep humility:
"My God, I believe, I adore, I hope and I love Thee!
 I ask pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not hope and do not love Thee."

One of my favorite things...when the kids get all fancy and go have fun together. These two were off to a homeschool football fundraiser dance.
And they met up with some of their friends beforehand.
A few plans for the rest of the week...clean, meal plan for Easter Sunday for a small gathering and to attend all Holy Week services.

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