Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February Memories - Animals and Farm Life

The summary of February.
Babies and loss:
We ordered new chicken babies and all of one breed was dead within two days. The company will replace with a new batch next month.
"My White Baby" disappeared. My neighborhood facebook opinion was a wild animals, my gut worries the construction workers next door might have snatched him. We are also down quite a few chickens, both of which like to hang out on the back fence border. The Barndaminium is almost complete, so hopefully that threat will end.
Stain glass window sky
The baby (Hope's Revenge) grew disputed all our fears. She is a survivor. We gave her to Miss Betty at the end of the month. She has lost many lamb babies recently and wanted one to love. This little gal is something special! 
These are the chick cuties which didn't make it.
These are the lamb babies which didn't make it.
I believe they were premature. 
He/she looked just like HR. It just didn't eat and didn't have the spark to live.
We let these Christmas hatchlings out of the brooder when the other babies came. They weren't ready and we lost one. The remaining three are living in the brooder with 16 meat chickens we are raising. These will be prepared for dinner mid March.
Our lone rooster. He's still nice to us.
HR and Ceci. (Just resting, not riding)
This is Hope's sister Quincey and her baby is healthy and feisty.
The Guineas are always bickering about something.
The garden continues to surprise me. 
I have kale, strawberries, red cabbage and asparagus growing well now.
I am behind and have not planted ONE seed. 
Silly girls hanging out with the cows.
HR thinks the grass is greener. I found her stuck over in the neighbor's pasture. 
The duck is still with us. And I think it's so cute she goes up in the chicken coop at night and she quacks in the squawking pattern of the guineas. I wonder what would happen if she saw another duck and realized she could fly.
Scenes driving to and from events.
Newest baby born today. 
I named him/her? Ramses's Revenge since he/she has the same colors as our past and much loved alpha male.
 And she's off to Miss Betty's.

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