Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Finally a Daybook - With a Whole Lot of Catching Up

Outside my window...the weather has been unseasonably warm for the start of January. The kids played in the creek, which was swollen from an over night flash flood. blue skies, beautiful days to be outside. We are soaking it in with cooler weather on the way.

I am thinking ... about how much I missed blogging and reading blogs. I do love instagram (I'm mom_in_texas). I like to sit and sort through photos and process life and experiences. The days go by so quickly, the years fly by. I want to stop and think and appreciate and note all the things of life. It is a good life. I am thankful for it, and for the people with me. There are struggles and surprises, which I never imagined, and try to hard not to bemoan. I am human. I do complain. I worry, too much. All I will consciously work on for my 2017 resolution: "Trust. Don't Worry."

I am thankful...for my husband safely home from Saudi. Did that happen? Life is a blur. his photos were so interesting. he has great stories to tell of that part of the world. What a different life on this same planet. He spent time in Germany on his return and brought me some German sweet bread and a couple of beautiful scarves. The best thing, is that he came home safe and sound.

I am reading.. my Bible and my missal. For the new church year, I decided to do a Bible study to see how much of the Bible a Catholic actually reads by attending mass in a year. I am double dipping by using the tradition Latin Mass readings and the Novus Ordo readings. I try to mark them separately in the Bible, but am not consistent. I also mark other readings from other spiritual work like the Jesse tree and Marian meditations. Anything I find motivational. I have never enjoyed a Bible study more and I've stuck with it. I am looking forward to the rest of the liturgical year. 

Also, my friend Margaret has always wanted to do a book club. As always, she has a funny story to go along with her desire. I love her! I have done a couple book studies, but never last more than one book. Out New Year's Eve resolution was to start reading Brideshead Revisited based on the recommendation of her 20 year old daughter. I have stayed away due to subject matter, but she assures us it is worth it, very Catholic. My copy is on order. We are planning on reading and having a new reason to get together to visit!

I am learning...
I also bought a Continuing Professional Education class to start working on renewing and re instituting my CPA license. Yuck. I forgot how boring reading tax code is. Haha. I haven't gotten very far, and need to try harder with tax season upon us.

Pictures of my kids others have shared with me. 
At the Marine ball:

At birthday parties:

Playing paintball with friends from church:

I am new cowboy boots today. A Christmas gift from my husband. I need to break them in.

I am an icky appointment on a stressful matter I'd rather not disclose but would appreciate any prayers.

This was day 2 of putting in the water line. All hands on deck, even though some aren't as enthusiastic as others:

Water to the garden! Yay!

Around the farm...the number of chickens has surprisingly diminished. A raccoon must be sneaking while we aren't looking. We are one half the number of a few months ago. We hatched some and have four babies. We need more, so we'll keep trying.

I am hoping ... this little lady keep gaining weight. This is from a couple of weeks back and she looks better today. We treated her for worms. Now she has some warts. I guess some are just weaker and not as strong a constitution as others. Cows do have personalities. This one is a little out of it, "Oh, we;re eating now? I guess I should go on up and eat...oops its all gone."

Around the house... still cleaning up and putting away serving items from our New Years Party. I still have Christmas decor out. No hurry.

In the kitchen... made shredded chicken, a favorite for tacos.
Tonight I'm making humsa, a ground beef/lamb cooked with onions and pine nuts and spiced with cinnamon and allspice. 

I am watching...a variety of movies and shows over Christmas break. We saw Moana and Rogue One in theaters. Fun! I love movie popcorn and we tried out Alamo Drafthouse to have dinner while watching a movie. We watched the series Homeland, yes, the whole series. I cant get into the second series of Man in the High Castle. We watch Criminal with Kevin Costner, very exciting and very violent. Craig found Grand Tour, so now I get a break from the need to watch. 

I am listening to.. people sleep. It's now 5 am, but I woke up at 3 and could not go back to sleep. Sometimes weather changes, hormones, worries keep me up and there is no going to sleep even after a full rosary and chaplet of Divine Mercy. Lilly slept with us and has a little six year old sleeping child whizzing that is comforting to listen to.

A few plans for this week...trying to get doctors appointments out of the way early. First visit to eye doctor and dentist done. Should finish most of those up in next two weeks. Some had no problems,  some had big problems. Usually the same culprits every time. 

I am praying for ... Betsy, our past piano teacher. Sweet lady who thought she had diabetes, but now diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer and is on hospice. Also praying fore Father Victor Brown. I read his saint summaries and personal stories via email loop for many years. He is in hospice after a stroke. The notification had this comment: 

"Let us realize how fortunate we are to have the consolations of our holy faith as we find death approaching. We might remember the wonderful words of Cardinal Manning, an elderly English Bishop who was asked on his deathbed, "How do you feel?" He smiled and said, " I feel like a schoolboy going home for the holidays."

I am looking forward games resuming tomorrow after co-op. We are so busy,trying to balance all the kids commitments is a challenge to me, and to others involved with us. January and February are busy basketball games and tournaments and 4-H competitions. Sadly, we are skipping the archery district tournament this year.

A peek into my day...from our nature walk and goofing around outside.

Crazy sand patterns left by a flash flood.

Something that made me quickly the weather changes. This afternoon walk needed jackets while two days ago the girls were basically swimming in the creek.

Spotted some animal tracks by the creek.

I've missed this space. It feels nice to get back to making an active reflection on our lives.


  1. Dear Mary,
    I am so happy to be able to read your words.
    Your posts are so calming to my soul.
    Thank you for your inspiration, your honesty, and your love of family life.
    Have a cozy evening. : )

    1. Thank you, Billie Jo! It warms my heart that you come and visit with me! Happy New Year! I hope it's full of love.


  2. Prayers up for your doctor appointment. :)

    My favorite image still is the one of the cows coming home in the fog. I love it!

    We started back to school this past Monday. There's no extra curricular activities scheduled for the week, nor next week, so I'm thoroughly enjoying that break still.

    Wishing you a wonderful New Year!

    1. Thanks, Patty, for everything, the prayers, the support. It warms my heart to have sweet friends out there. :)
      Enjoy your break. We are already too busy with no break until March.

  3. Yes I miss simple blogging, enjoying your catch up :-)
    Saudi! I bet you are so grateful to have him home!
    I read Brideshead Revisited as an older teen and loved it! Very Catholic.
    Didn't realise Sebastian is a Marine, assuming that's why they've moved to California.
    Yep some weren't enthusiastic about the water line ;-) lol
    Praying for your doctor's appt. and re hormones, my friend(late 40s) was having big hormone surges and she has been taking macca powder and it's been incredible!

  4. I didn't realize you were a CPA! Yes tax code is hideously boring! I hire an accountant nowadays! LOL
    I love the pic of cows in fog. Happy new year!