Wednesday, January 4, 2017

2017 Saint, Resolutions and Goals

I have
Saint Jane de Chantal

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My word for the year is Trust.

I also had a phrase pop in my head: to abandon my will to God's Providence, but really, it's the same thing.

To partner that, I resolve to worry less. This will be an active resolution as worrying is an inherited trait.

I also give up judgement. I won't judge anyone, I don't care if anyone judges me. Freedom.

I'm also keeping my goals simple: be present, love unconditionally, live healthier and grow closer to God.


  1. So hard to do and yet when you succeed, such Peace.
    I remember my g'mother getting to this point, her children had broken her heart and she was a puddle, and then one day by God's Grace she said, "No more worrying, I give it all to God" and she did, it was incredible to see this difference. I must have only been about 14 but I still remember that lesson to this day and always resolve to be like her (sometimes I;m not)
    Praying you worry less xx

    1. I missed this when you originally posted and just read today. Thank you, Erin!