Saturday, November 26, 2016

Counting Gifts at Thanksgiving Time

Counting gifts at Thanksgiving

When I started this space five years ago, it was in honor of wanting to be thankful for gifts of grace. 
I dropped the habit a while back. 
Today I will begin again and list as many things that come to mind:
1. Thankful for the roof over my head.
2. Thankful for my family, especially my husband who works so hard for me. For our children, Max, Molly, Nick, Euly, Ceci and Lilly.
3. For Thanksgiving spent with both sides of our family. We saw most of our family, had a wonderful day. 
4. For Julie to open her home and host for the first time, and host a feast to rival any!
5. For my sister Teresa to open her home to us, and always make us feel so welcome.
6. For Austin, her back porch, a warm fire, family to talk to and reconnect.
7.  For Molly's happiness and courage to follow her own heart to find love. Not my path or time, but for me to learn to offer up my feelings, sadness and words for her.
8. For our relationship to still be strong and close despite our differences in plan for her life.
9. For peace to know I've done all I can as her mother.
10. For prayer to follow my children wherever they are in life.
11. For Max's move back home. To spend time with him.
12. To see Lilly be a wonderful little/big sister and plan Max's birthday breakfast in bed.
13. For my nieces who wanted to vent, commiserate, laugh, cry, and pray with me.
14. For Nick's magical talent and entertaining everyone.

15. Birthday celebrating 24 years of his life and of my momlife.

16. Time with grand niece Kathleen and grand nephew Desmond. I do like babies. Sweet, squishy, happy beings are good for my heart. 

17. A compassionate priest.
18. A tree in my bedroom because I want to go to sleep happier. 

19. A reason to reconnect, even if it's kind of transparent.
20. Group effort to clean up the redneck. Hoping it works.
21. How much everyone of us loves this property.
22. Setting up for Advent before Advent starts.
23. A clean kitchen after so much prep'ed, cooked, and baked.
24. Ceci's turkey cupcakes 

25. Animals doing well, being low maintenance, for now.
26. Saint Teresa's words of encouragement:

27. Lilly's sunshine and happiness.
28. Getting motivated on shopping.
29. Being married to the kindest, biggest hearted dad. Ever. He teaches me so much.
30. Mom's old chocolate pie recipe -already gluten free! 
31. The election results. A new era of optimism and hope, bringing on prosperity and peace.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

1860s: Liendo Plantation and a Civil War Reenactment

Lilly, Ceci and I attended a trip back in time, a Civil War Reenactment and a peek into life in the 1860's at the Liendo Plantation in Hempstead, Texas. There aren't many Ante Bellum plantations in this part of the South, thanks to General Custer, but fortunately the Liendo home was spared since the family had cared for Custer's wife when she was ill.

The girls were entranced. Both girls fell in love with the fashions. The house took their breath away. The other scenes of the day were beautiful, exciting and well done. A hands on history experience, since you walk through life in the 1860's, with activities all around. 

We enjoyed a perfect day for this experience. 

An 1860's and beyond Fashion Show

A Tour of the Liendo Plantation 
(no photos allowed inside, the owner lives in the house)

A Look Through The Confederate Camp

with a sweet Calvary officer invited my pretty, little, young lady have a sit on Midnight.
We cheered for Midnight throughout the battle.

A Wedding
(the girls thought it wasn't real since it wasn't complete with a kiss for the bride.)

Arrival of the Union Troops

 Off to Battle

We highly recommend the experience. There aren't many reenactments in this part of the country, so that alone was a treat. It is held only one weekend, always the weekend before Thanksgiving. Everyone was friendly and eager to talk about Texas/American history.

First Half of November - Just a Photo Update