Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A Post About our Rope Course

Erin at Seven Little Australians and Counting once said she'd like to hear more about our rope course.

It wasn't our idea initially: a friend of Mollly's had ropes tied in the trees on their country property and the kids had so much fun we kept it in mind as a future project.

Being in the industrial construction industry, Craig comes across used items no longer deemed safe or useful for the industry, but still perfect for other uses. He bought some rope used for installing electrical wire (rated for 20, 000 pounds) and we found the perfect use on our Georgia property. Max and Craig had built a tree house and thought a rope course would be a fun way to enter, instead of a making a ladder. It might keep little kids out.

We brought the rope with us to Texas and installed around the trees. It was higher off the ground, but on the up down ends, kids had to be aware of where it was to not get closed lined in the dark for games of green ghost.

We installed it here. Craig and the boys added the wire chokers here. We need to add cushions on the trees to prevent the wire digging in or being absorbed with growth. Craig found some snatch blocks (like pulleys) so tightening the rope is easier and smoother now. He used 1 1-2 ton comealong's on one end of the course to keep the tension. The larger rope has been a plus since they like to cross bare footed and a larger diameter rope doesn't hurt the feet.

This course: lower rope is about 8' from ground for feet, 12' for hand level rope. The main spance runs 20 feet, 100 feet long section, then ten feet after second turn. The longer the spance, the more tention is needed. The top isn't tensioned as much as the bottom. They have worked with tension to get right, depends on size of kids using it.  We are lucky to have large trees to support this activity.

2006 Georgia
Euly in first picture.
We hosted a Boy Scout camp out, pictured. The boys had a great time with the course.

 2011 The rope line loosens over time. The trampoline was a good addition for a quick drop off the line.

2016 Most recent Rope Course:

Craig said he could write up a parts list, ask me if interested.

Lastly, a note from the mom of this activity. I pray many guardian angel prayers. The kids have lots of activities where I offer a prayer, then squeeze my eyes shut. We have the rule, if you can't climb, no one can put you up. If you climb it, you stop at your own comfort zone, and will know how to get down.


  1. Is that Cici in the animal print dress back in 2011? It looks like Molly! Love the little barefoot daredevil! You guys should do another tree house with a zip line. ;)

  2. Love it!! Thank you for sharing, so interested to read the why and how

  3. So very very awesome! I wish we could do this in our "cubicle" (as my husband lovingly refers to our backyard space ;)