Monday, October 31, 2016

Our Parish's Dedication and Blessing of Saint Athanasius Hall

"The house of the Lord is well established on a solid rock."
Psalm 86

You would be amazed at how fast this all came together after working on it so long! 

Five years and two months ago, Father Van Vliet arrived in Houston with permission from the Cardinal, the goal to establish a Fraternity of the Society of Saint Peter Parish in Houston. Father Lockey at Houston's largest parish welcomed him to live at the rectory and use the Family Life Hall for masses. A sweet good woman donated over 40 acres inside the beltway in Houston for our future parish. It was wooded, undeveloped property handed down to her family from the original Republic of Texas, with sections of neighborhoods surrounding this track.

Volunteers cleared and transformed this land. We had the original of what will be many building blessed Saturday by Cardinal Daniel Di Nardo: Saint Athanasius Hall. It will be for church use now, and in the future when the larger church and chapels are built, it will be a multi use chapel. Our pastor is so talented, he took a plain metal building and created a holy place of worship, our Catholic parish is thrilled to have. The wood work, altar, side altars are all due to his wood working craftsmanship. Quality and beauty everywhere. 

If you are ever in Houston, please visit.

Below are some pictures of the beautiful first day blessing and Mass.

From the blessing:
Be Thou magnified, O Lord, our God, in Thy holy places, and show Thy presence in this temple which is built for Thee; That Thou, Who workest all things in Thine adopted children, mayest ever be glorified in Thine inheritance. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.


  1. Oh my!! Lost for words, incredible!!

  2. Wow!!! What an amazing to finally see after all the years of hard work. Don't you just love the Catholic faith?