Sunday, October 9, 2016

15 Things About Eulalia

Eulalia is my fourth born, a position which I have an affinity for and a basic understanding of how some things work being a fourth born myself.
According to the birth order theory:
Fourth born children often develop the ability to deal well with people. This is probably a result of having to deal with all of those personality types growing up. They may also be great thinkers and able to manage challenging situations. They may become analytical, hard workers and they can be pushy or passive. Euly is all these things.
  • Fourth-born, or “Child of the Family”, most concerned about how the entire family functions
    • aims to perceive and understand the family as a whole
    • tends to be expressive and loving, responding to any family member's pain
    • wants everyone to get along and is happy when the family is happy
She's also a middle child. Now with the older two out of the house, Euly has moved up in status and I'll be honest, getting attention she deserves. The spotlight is on her wishes and desire, hopes and dreams and she is loving the attention and opportunity to shine.

Our family is full of confident, big personalities and one does have to push a little or find their own way to position for what they need. No one goes hungry, or is slightly neglected, but some feelings can be crushed or off notes in the a matter of daily life.
Euly handles it with grace, hard work and perseverance.

So in honor of her birthday, here are fifteen things I love and admire 
about Euly:

1. Patient - she does have patience and never nags or begs. She knows when a good opportunity comes along, to move for it. 

 2. Confident

3. Hard working with steadfast determination
When she was little, people would tell her they expect to see her run for president and she'd get their vote. 

4. Creative. She's orderly and has a style that fits her desire for order. 

5. Ease that things come to her.

6. Healthy. She doesn't walk from place to place, she runs, up and down all day long. We thought it would be fun to see how many steps she logs a day, so we have her a fit bit for her birthday. 

7. First to volunteer. 

8. Loyal friend.

9. Courageous
As a child with only sisters, I wonder if having a brother helps the courageous future shine more in a sister with brothers. Euly is brave and courageous, yet reserved. She has pushed out of her shy, meek days of the past.

10. Faithful. Her faith is very important to her, in her relationship with Christ. It especially shows through her acts of service. She has always helped the ladies at church with all the projects. She prays with me and helps to get everyone to join in.

11. Witty, especially with corny jokes. She has hundreds of jokes tucked away in her memory for just the right occasion. She'll have a one liner contest with random strangers.

12. Motivated. Especially to earn extra money on odd jobs. Our home/farm project could not be as far along if it wasn't for Euly's hard work.

13. Persistent and goal oriented. She wants to go to Texas A&M and is working toward what she needs to do to get in. She'd love to study aeronautical engineering or animal sciences. 

14. Positive outlook. Her natural disposition seems to be set on positive. It helps the rest in the house that don't always have that setting. 

15. Leader and encourager. She has us all very busy this year with her projects for 4-H leadership, groups and projects,  Basketball, Co-op. Oh our days are full. 
I had her commit to help me balance it all before I signed up. She is up before everyone to get it all moving along.

I'm so impressed, in awe and thankful for all her natural gifts!

Happy 15th birthday my beautiful Eulalia Grace. 

Euly and I spent a quiet Sunday afternoon playing around downtown Brenham taking these shots.


  1. Beautiful tribute to a beautiful young lady. And I suspect she may have had her 15th birthday the same day as my daughter had hers!? Mariah turned 15 on the 8th.

    1. Thanks, Erin. No, want to know how lame I am? I started this back for her 14th and didn't get very far. So it's early only because it was already started, yet I was motivated when I saw it in my drafts, I had to revive and finish it for her. ;) and we had time to play taking photos. She's 15 on the 14th.

      Happy belated birthday to your Mariah. I love her name!

    2. Not lame, you're just ahead in blogging ;-) I have many posts I end up trashing or also sit there for a year before being finished.
      Oh so our girls are only 6 days apart :-)
      Oh thanks, we rather love her name, well all our kids names, they're all unusual or rather not common and yet saints names.

    3. Some of our others may be close too.

    4. October is a pretty good month for a birthday. My mom is having her 78th tomorrow.

  2. How beautiful! I would love for her to know my daughters. Wishing her a (belated) happy birthday filled with a year of abundant blessings!

  3. Oh my, Patty, we would love that too! We need to make plans.