Thursday, August 11, 2016

Dog Days of Summer Daybook

Outside my breath humid weather. It rained last week, so that was good. Forecast back for more hot, humid, melt your face weather. 

I am can tell I'm not a fan of August in Texas. Except for one thing: we were married in August: 29 years ago.

I am planning...a San Francisco get away to celebrate our 29 years! I'm hitching on to a business trip so I'll be traveling by myself on the front end. We will spend time in Napa and in the city. Last time we went was for our fourth anniversary.

I am praying of family and friends and for spiritual conversions of others, also thanksgiving prayers for one who suffered from kidney stones last week, who is feeling great this week. And for the repose of the soul of the husband of Craig's aunt's best friend. R.I.P Tommy. Conversion and return to Christianity of America! 

I am thankful...having time to help when someone wasn't  feeling well and everything stops. I had to spend some time in the ER to wait with one I love for the diagnosis of the kidney stone and sent Nicholas with my other kids. A water hose blew on the engine of my car, and despite the flashing lights and elevated warnings of the gauges, he drove on. It was midnight and far out alone on the country roads. But he was just barely there from burning up the engine in my car. Craig said it had to be a miracle, the oil change guy fussed at me incredulously that I didn't understand the severity of the problems. But I knew it would be ok. Thank God it was! Just a new water pump and we're good.

I am pondering...our next car purchase. I've had mine for 15 1/2 years, and it's getting close to time. My husband won't sell it, it will become some sort of extra utility or hunting vehicle. I'm trying to decide how small I should downsize. Most outings are just me plus three, but this past Sunday we had seven go to church together. Thanksgiving could require eight seats. Craig likes Fords, and he likes the Edge, I think the Explorer might be enough of a downsize. I'm trying to wait until spring, but after the recent close call, I want to have my homework done if it's quick decision. 

In the kitchen...Molly came in for the weekend so we had all kinds of treats! 
Ceci's favorite extension agent is moving on and she made delicious lemon cupcakes as a goodbye gift. 

The girls are creating...all kinds of crafts at our 4-H craft camp.

Ceci also created a cover for the handbook cover contest for our county.

Our special extension agent moved on to Austin after hosting the Craft Day. Our 4-H experiences will be sad without her!

enjoying a rainy walk behind Max's apartments 

I am wondering...when we go visit Max again. The kids had so much fun playing Max's virtual game. It gets them up and moving. Nick played archery and Ceci a cooking game. 

I am reading...the kids' fall school books. Trying to see what this year has in store for them.

I am watching...on Netflix Stanger Things...really good if you like 80's era scifi horror. Addictive!
On Amazon Prime: Poldark...very good, wish it didn't end on a cliffhanger. beautiful setting.
Both binge worthy!

I am listening to...a hip hoppy playlist to get my step count faster on my morning walks.

I am hoping...for cool breezes to start up soon especially with my husband volunteering at the church property in this heat.

We enjoyed...making a quick to Austin to visit my parents and mother in law. And a quick visit to Molly before her fall classes begin. We also made a quick trip to Splashtown before school started in force. We met up with some friends and I had to remind myself to throw caution to the wind and have fun for the girls' sake, since mostly people don't die and do actually think it's fun riding down the water slides. I did have my car broken into and lost the cash I had thought was stowed safely away.

A few plans for the rest of the week...we are starting math for all the kids. I need to plan more of a first day back celebration. Not my strong point. Many classes will be phased in this semester. 

In the garden...harvesting different veggies: zucchini and squash! Yay!
Spaghetti squash
Lots and lots of spicy peppers

Around the farm...

 A visit with grandma and papa...

My sister and I always called the flip back hair style George Washington hair. 

View out my mom's kitchen window

Back at home, best thing to do outside...

It's almost a weekend! Enjoy!


  1. We recently had the radiator seal blow on our van. Ended up needing a new engine. Like yourselves we had to visit the whole question of whether to get the van fixed ($3500 - 12 years old) or buy a new one and if we did; downsize and to what size, so totally relate. In the end after much research we decided we're not really ready to downsize and we don't have the money for replacement cost. Best of luck researching now whilst you're not under pressure, sounds sensible to me.

    1. It's definitely something I don't like to think about, same with home repairs you can't see (like the recent Air Conditioning repairs). We can only hope for the best.
      I told my husband to come up with amount before taking it in that he'd want to reinvest, and thankfully it was under.

      Thanks for stopping by, Erin!

  2. Such full days, as usual, and all of them full of grace! My dream is to live in a farm, and I am vicariously doing that with posts like this :-). I so, so love that photo of your daughters sitting on the backhoe? tractor?

    I do admire the way you live your days calmly and in full support of your loved ones... I hope you get your new vehicle soonest! Stay safe!

  3. Ooops, happy, glorious 29th anniversary to both of you!

    1. Thank you, Marcia! It's always nice to hear from you. I appreciate the encouragement!!

  4. 29 years!! So happy for you! What a true testament to marriage for young folks :) I'm glad you are going to have the chance to get away.

    I just picked up a new car, in my name, the first time in 25 years! We have a Sienna that is 4 years old and paid off. My husband has a truck for work. I ended up with an Accord, something little I can get around in. The girls use the van to go back and forth to work and it is used for family travel (which equates to church on the weekends). The Accord stays in the garage until I need to run an errand.

    Honestly, I did NOT want to get another car. The cost and insurance. So much grief. But I cannot believe how much stress it has relieved in the past 2 1/2 weeks. Overall, our gas usage mileage has drastically been cut.

    Good luck with your vehicle hunting!

    1. Hi Patty,
      A small car would make things easier. I'd love something with great gas mileage. I like your plan of having the girls drive the big car, I'll probably do the same. We've been trying to limp along with older cars, it's almost a routine.