Monday, August 22, 2016

A Visit to a 13th Century Italian Castle in Napa Valley

Since my kids are older, Craig and I have been able to get away more than we did until a few years ago. He had a business trip in San Francisco. We came out to visit n our 4th anniversary, so twenty five years later, we thought we'd visit again. 
I came out Thursday and we went straight to the Napa valley, after a few hours of traffic. I enjoyed the drive. I love the hills and different scenery. 

We visited a winery Carol told us about: Castello Di Amorosa. The wine isn't sold in commercial outlets. It is considered more of an attraction than a winery, but their wines were very good. We brought some back. 

The grounds were beautiful 13th century castle including miles of underground catacombs to store the wine, a replica of an 11th century chapel and the 13th century castle. 

Later we visited an old favorite, Praeger Port Works. Craig and I visited with the Father all those years ago. We stayed for hours. (I slept through part of the visit). The sons now run the place. The port is just as good, but we miss Jim.

We also made a stop at the Olive Press for a tasting variety of olive oils and fun shopping for gifts.

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  1. What a unique experience; a step back in time! Your pictures need little words because you capture everything so beautifully! I'm glad you and your beloved had the chance to get away :)