Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Why July is Flying By

Oh, I'll be honest, life is flying by, not just July. I'm watching these kids grow up before my eyes. The kids have me busy with all their activities. No summer break yet due to 4-H activities!

Nick is preparing for state Archery in between working at a scout camp. Euly is preparing for nationals WHEP competition after they won state. Ceci went to a cooking camp and then auditioned for Master Chef Junior cooking show. She wasn't selected, but was inspired to keep widening her cooking interests.

July starts the season of our favorite ritual, meeting in Winedale, Texas to watch Shakespeare in the barn performed by a UT theater class. This year, Lilly is old enough to sit on the front row. First play,  Romeo and Juliet had sword fights and all kinds of crazy activity right in front of us. We love the energy of the actors, we love the place and we love meeting up with family and friends. 

Euly's WHEP team finished up their intense round of practices as they begin the journey for Nationals. I am not going with her, which is bittersweet, but needed. I wanted to focus on the goal Euly able to complete at a National level and not whether the girls and I enjoyed a road trip with the team. She will have a fantastic experience and I can't wait to hear all about it. 
This is the traveling trophy our team won and is on display at our extension office for this year. 

Practices were held at a beautiful ranch and I'll miss seeing the beautiful fields now that it is over.

Lilly was a little frightened of fireworks on the Fourth, and was not interested in lighting sparklers. She saw the unused box the other night and wanted to light a few. 

They spend a lot of time swimming. I have a love hate relationship with above ground pools. We have too much home renovations left to have a pool in the budget, so it's a great tied-us-over for being in the country. No other options to swim. We love water activities!
I am thankful they can have fun! And burn energy. 

Home renovations have stopped for the summer. Car improvements and repairs have been the priority. And it's just too hot to get much done other than taking care of the animals, garden and orchard. 
We plan to get power and water to the sheds once the temperatures cool off. 
We are just enjoying work previously accomplished for now. 

Maybe we just need some rain. This is my area exactly!

The animals are doing well, most segregate amongst themselves but sometimes feed together. It is time to weed out the sheep herd. I want to dramatically reduce the population and we are planning on butchering a few to try out cuts and share for opinions, then butcher and sell the rest. 
I enjoy lamb meat and have bought half a lamb in the past. 
We do have out eye on a certain cow that may fill the freezer next year. 

The garden is producing some wonderful food and some plants have grown but produced nothing. I will not try the okra variety we grew this year, too woodsy. The squash has been disappointing, but we have peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs, eggplant ready to eat. More coming.

I am working on fall school plans. Situations and opportunities keep changing and we change our minds about priorities. Balancing lives and projects and goals. It gets tricky with one in first grade and one in twelfth and two in between! I've done it before, and can do it again. 

We are participating in a one day a week coop and I'll be teaching grammar to 4/5th grade class. The school uses a program from the Write Foundation. I'm finding extra grammar exercises to add in. My class meets after lunch, it will have to have energy! 

My older two are having a busy summer as well. Max should be back soon from a long term off shore, I can't wait to visit with him! 

I'd like to have some family together time fun before school starts again. I'll have quick get away to San Antonio with some of the kids, but I'd love a cabin get away before we scatter again.


  1. Love catching up on your doings :-)
    Yes so get the school age stretch, this year we stretch from an 11/12th grader to a Kindergartner I find the juggling entailed a challenge some days

  2. Yowzer! So much here! I'm just catching up on blogs since I took a little break. Love stopping in here. Your kids are amazing! Doing so much; spreading out their wings and not afraid to experiment. Wonderful!

    Shakespeare. I love the setting!! We have Shakespeare in the park in our area. I have yet to go, but one mom takes the high school age kids.

    We had an above ground pool at our last house and used it all! the! time! I think that's how my girls became such incredibly strong swimmers. HOA won't allow above ground here. Our subdivision does have beautiful pool though, just three blocks from our house. So that's pretty good. Glad you are all enjoying yours!

    Your flowers are looking wonderful. Some of mine look kind of dried up, now that it is July. I still can't wrap my brain around the growing season here compared to Illinois. And your garden, what is producing, yay!!

    Hoping the rest of your week goes well!