Sunday, July 24, 2016

State Archery

We are back from a trip to San Antonio for Nick to compete in the 4-H state outdoor archery games.

I have to say, it is filling, you don't walk away thinking, man, I didn't get enough turn at shooting. Hours and hours each day of shooting.

There are five shooting sports: mod 600 straight target shooting, field shooting at targets with no range length reference, 3D shooting at animal models with a marked target you have to find. Clout, shooting at a flag from 125 yards, and Wand, shooting a small long strip of lines. Nick hadn't done much more than regular target practice and it was his first opportunity to shot the last to disciplines. He did great, learned a lot. The competition is incredible, full of wildly talented, young people.

We had fun watching, cheering him on.

Setting up for the Mod 600 shoot:

"Mom, can go make friends?"

We did a lot of this. Ceci had her flower coloring book to keep her busy. Lilly made friends with everyone to keep her busy.

Back from the 3-D shoot. The field shoot was held in the same area and we took cover under a large old oak for shade.

Clout. See that little yellow flag way, way out there? I barely could either. Far away. 125 yards. Scores for the five rings, around the flag, outside the rings, no score.
The last round a shooter placed all six shots in the inner ring. Amazing. It was windy too.

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