Thursday, July 28, 2016

Pictures from Euly's Big Adventure

Euly and her 4-H WHEP team (Wildlife Habitat Education Program) competed in West Virginia at the National level contest. They worked very hard between our state competition last month and this event, which covers very different regions and animals. 
The team placed second behind Tennessee, and individually  Travis placed first, JohnPhilip placed fourth and Euly place mid pack, which is fantastic for her first event of his level, her first year in 4-h, she's still technically an intermediate competing against seniors. We are so proud of them all! And so happy they had this opportunity to use their knowledge. West Virginia also treated them to education days to learn about bear and other wildlife management. They enjoyed days outdoors hiking, learning and bird watching in a beautiful part of America.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

State Archery

We are back from a trip to San Antonio for Nick to compete in the 4-H state outdoor archery games.

I have to say, it is filling, you don't walk away thinking, man, I didn't get enough turn at shooting. Hours and hours each day of shooting.

There are five shooting sports: mod 600 straight target shooting, field shooting at targets with no range length reference, 3D shooting at animal models with a marked target you have to find. Clout, shooting at a flag from 125 yards, and Wand, shooting a small long strip of lines. Nick hadn't done much more than regular target practice and it was his first opportunity to shot the last to disciplines. He did great, learned a lot. The competition is incredible, full of wildly talented, young people.

We had fun watching, cheering him on.

Setting up for the Mod 600 shoot:

"Mom, can go make friends?"

We did a lot of this. Ceci had her flower coloring book to keep her busy. Lilly made friends with everyone to keep her busy.

Back from the 3-D shoot. The field shoot was held in the same area and we took cover under a large old oak for shade.

Clout. See that little yellow flag way, way out there? I barely could either. Far away. 125 yards. Scores for the five rings, around the flag, outside the rings, no score.
The last round a shooter placed all six shots in the inner ring. Amazing. It was windy too.

A Quick Visit to Remember The Alamo and Mission Concepcion

One thing I have learned, no matter how many times you have taught Texas history (four times) or how many times you have visited Texas historical places ( more than I can count), you may still need to do it again for those who were too young the first time!
Sometimes I know things in my head, and think all the kids must know it too.
Anyway, this quick visit was a good kick off to Ceci's Texas history study. Now she knows about the Alamo and Missions in Texas. We have many more to see and much more to (re) learn. Its ok, because Texas History is one of my favorite subjects.