Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Eleven - another year before leaving childhood behind

Cecilia is turning 11! I have enjoyed Ceci from the start. She has her own style, her own ideas and a steel determination to see her vision come true. 

She is creative with her own style in baking, cooking and food presentation. I love to see what she comes up with.

Her creativity can be worn too. She has always had a flair with hair and clothes and putting her style together.

She is loyal, to family, faith and friends. There probably isn't a better friend than Ceci.

She is a fun traveler and bold adventurer.

She is a good friend/sister/babysitter/teacher to Lilly. They are lucky to have each other. I can't imagine Ceci without Lilly or Lilly without Ceci. Every day may not be easy, but they have a  sister bond that will be there when I might not be.

Cecilia is stubborn.
Cecilia is resilient.
Cecilia is a wise, old soul.
I learn from her.
I do love her so much.
I truly admire her.

Her love for me is so heart warming and comforting. I am a better person from being her mom.


  1. Happy Birthday to your dear daughter!
    Such a beautiful post to celebrate her!

  2. happy birthday! does she share a birthday with my jireh?