Monday, June 13, 2016

June Photo Update

I've had a cold for over the last two weeks and I have not been reading or writing about anything lately, but I've still been taking pictures. Just a quick look at what we've had in our lives lately. 

Two babies were born this week:
No names yet. 

The flooding brought in so much sand changing the creek across our property.

 Still voted the most favorite animal on the farm - for four weeks running, the ducks. Nick's enthusiasm influences the vote every time. (Just a sibling vote). 

My colorful yet feeble and ineffective technique to dissuade the peacocks from flying over the gate into the garden where they eat all my blackberries.

  State 4 H Roundup competition was this week. Nick and Euly competed in Meats judging in the Agricultural sciences. It was tough competition. Nick did well with tight competition from around the state, he did not place.
Euly competed in a invitation intermediate class and placed first in meats judging. She has worked hard and come along way since January.

The garden
This tomato bush has been overachieving and out producing everything in the garden. I bought it at a master gardener class and not sure the type - it's not quite a Roma and too big for a grape tomato.

Lilly loves to help pick the strawberries. They aren't too large but very flavorful and fragrant.

My borage seeds have sprouted into pretty flowers. I planted them to keep bugs away, but it has been an interesting experience to see which thrived depending on what they were planted next to and how much sun they received. I'm not sure how they are doing against bugs. 

I finally spy some cucumbers.

 and hopefully these will be watermelons.

  Early morning the sun doesn't reach the garden and it a pleasant place to visit.

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  1. Love the pics in this update! So I recently put up bird netting. It's really cheap at Lowe's. I wonder if that would help you protect the plants??