Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Wrapping up our CCD Year with First Holy Communion

 School's out for summer!
This year had a bigger attendance and our bi annual confirmation, many new teachers and more new families to accommodate. Two of my teachers are pregnant due in June, so I'll be looking for more teachers again. 

Every thing came off as well as could be expected, but we normally have 120 attend the morning high mass, and this year it was 288 for First Communion. This is our last year at St. Elizabeth's Family Life Center and we should be in our property this fall. We will have more flexibility to welcome so many friends and families. 

All in all it worked out, but I want to breath a deep sigh of relief before I start planning for the fall.

I don't think Lilly will be in the next round due to her May birthday. I can't believe we will only have one more First Communion and two more confirmations to go for our children.

I took photos for the parish, so Craig snapped a few for me to have on mine.

I love seeing the joy in the little children as they receive our Lord.

Enrollment in the Brown Scapular


  1. Beautiful children on such a beautiful occasion! God bless them :) And their catechists and parents! So our last Confirmation class was last night. We ended it with a chastity talk for all the 7th & 8th graders and high schoolers. The Theology of The Body was presented by 3 people, our young and energetic priest who runs the CCD program, a young nurse (trained by the JPII Institute) and a young gentleman. It went well, praise the Lord! They will receive their sacrament on Sunday. But my teaching is over. I'm relieved this year. Life has grown busier at home with the teenagers being so active.

  2. God bless you for sharing yourself, Patty. Your students are blessed!
    It is a lot of work and sacrifice. I didn't teach this year, I did the work of the DRE and appreciated the teaching at a different angle.