Wednesday, May 25, 2016

San Diego recap and tons of pictures.

For Molly's graduation I had hoped we could get away to San Francisco for a mother daughter vacation, but the year slipped away, and then Max graduated which took us on a different trip last year. Then along came a BF who is stationed near San Diego, and the idea  of the trip was re planned to include seeing the Bf.

So this gave me time to myself, I took advantage of having my camera as my encouragement to explore the city alone. Craig has traveled there many times and knew just where to to have me stay to enjoy a great view and would be easy to walk to most everything or uber the rest. He picked a room with a great view of the harbor.
Visiting a museum without children is something new, for almost 24 years. I enjoyed talking to random strangers, taking the time to listen and read. Taking photos was a conversation starter most places. I leaned a lot and I enjoyed the reasons to go to museums as adult.

I hit the San Diego maritime museum on Pirate Day. A happy day for kids and adults. The museum has so many ships of different kinds which is great, I love all kinds of ships, everything that travels by water. I soaked in the view of ships passing outside my window all weekend, and I walked and walked. Miles and miles.

Cool tree roots

I met this man and he gave me his Cd of his saxophone music.

New old ship, still being rigged out, duplicated from the 1500's.

Sassy saucy pirates.

I made myself tour the subs. I have a little claustrophobic panic with subs, especially from a strong memory of touring one when I was a day away from delivering my first child.

Old and modern. Pirate ships and airplanes. Busy city.

On Saturday, I met up with an old friend, Marlene. Oh fun! We took the town by storm. She lives in Long Beach, but drove down to play. We went to the Coronado Island and visited the iconic Hotel del Coronado. Very nice. I could imagine many movie scenes filmed here. Apparently Some Life It Hot was filmed there. Gorgeous hotel with an old elevator, over 120 years old, with an operator. The crowns around are to memorialize a crowned price who gave up his chance for the crown since he fell in love for a local girl. We stopped in the bar, and sampled some ice drinks and discussed my photos on Instagram.
Then we went to dinner at a new hipster place down in Little Italy called Juniper and Ivy. We sampled all kinds of interesting concept dishes and laughed over wine. I felt like a couple of college gals who took the town by storm. I really enjoyed every moment.

Sunday, I walked a mile each away to Our Lady of the Rosary in Little Italy. This church was beautiful with murals depicting the rosary all over walls, ceiling and stain glass windows. Our Lady Rosary photos here.

I picked up breakfast on the walk back. I loved the weather, breezy, not too cool, not hot. Lovely.

I met Carrie, a friend from Instagram at the San Diego zoo. Fun! I had my camera, but never took it out because we had so much fun visiting with each other. Just like an old friend. I do like Instagram and connections made there.

Went to every part of the zoo except the children's section, Haha. We talked thru the visit like old friends and have so much in common for "strangers." Most animals were sleeping. The zoo is huge and hilly and by the end of the day, my phone showed I walked over 21,500 steps. Many were in the hills.

Then I went with Molly and her friend to La Jolla for a visit to the beach, and dinner at a cute Mexican place with the yummiest shrimp tacos.

The girls missed me, called me often and were so happy for me to come home.

Hotel Del

Our Lady of the Rosary

San Diego Zoo

La Jolla Beach

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  1. How much fun!! You know I was out that way many moons ago for a siblings wedding. (SIL was from that area.) Your pictures had me reminiscing. The cool tree roots photo had me thinking it was some kind of reptile at first glance. You took some fascinating photos, Mary! That bench... on a boat? Talk about character and charm! I'm glad you were able to hook up with your friends as well :) And Coronado Island! What did you think of that bridge?? It had me a wee bit nervous when I went over it the first time. But I get nervous of heights the older I get. Do you?

    I'm glad you enjoyed the trip!