Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Random May with Finished Projects, Mother's Day and a Birthday or Three.

May is always a busy month. Coordinating the Ccd at our parish keeps me busy with sacramental preparation the first two weeks. Then Mother's Day, my birthday, Lilly's birthday, Molly's birthday, some graduations and about five other family members' birthdays, and usually includes some travel and family vacation to fit in between college semesters. 

I had a big push the days before Mother's Day to finish up painting in my bedroom. Craig and the kids decided to jump in and help put light switches back on, clean up, push furniture back in place.  I had planned a paint glaze on top of the yellow, but Craig loves it as it is and I'm happy to call the walls done since it is a pretty large room. 

I still have some changes for the bedding to bring in colors and need to hang pictures. We removed a few cabinets that Craig replaced with a cabinet on the right. Adding a little style and color. We are waiting for the fixtures to hang the doors on the left and serious need for a more efficient ceiling fan(s) to keep this massive space cool on summer nights. 

I've had to purge and de junk. Photos and memrobilia are needing attention but I think if that's all I have left to de junk, I'm doing good. 

Mother's Day was very nice. Molly drove down from college to attend early mass with us. It was nice having her with us, seeing her visit with old friends. I'm sure it was good for her too. Max met us for lunch and surpirsed me with flowers. Sweet son!
Molly's semester is over and I think she did better than she thought. College classes add such stress and lack of control feeling on a young person. It takes a toll. She's changing jobs and has lots to look forward to with new roommates. I'm excited for the changes for her.

Ceci was up early to make me breakfast on my birthday. We take our birthdays "off," but I'm still mom,  I had my hair done and took the day no pamper and spoil myself during a routine day. 

I love my kids. They are generous and thoughtful. I love that they know the little things and little efforts mean a lot. My sweet husband had all kinds of gifts for me. I love how he thinks out what I'd  want and need. (I need to be better about present planning myself). They all made me feel special and loved.

The chickens have all been combined in to big coop together. It has caused a few disruptions. The older hens aren't laying their eggs in their boxes anymore. I'm not sure if they have decided to get as far away ASAP in morning. We need to convince them to find their boxes again.
We need the eggs. 

The sheep and goat have been acting strangely too. They started limping. Never a good sign. Sometimes it means they've been fighting for head of the herd. But everyone is limping, even females and the goat. We checked their hooves and all looked healthy. I spoke with a big animal vet and he said it is probably due to change in their diet causing lameness. It can pass. Maybe bloating from a change in protein rich plants and grains. So we have put them on a strict bland diet hoping that it will all clear up. The goat looks like she is in the most discomfort. It's hard to know what's up with them. 

Peacocks have weathered the recent storms. I hear that wind and think how are they not blown off the roof? 

Lilly being silly.

So now we are planning school for the fall. We have added a weekly coop where I will teach a class, monitor a class and study hall. It will be busy. My goal is to get plans all mapped out early this summer. Nick and Euly also want to join a speech and debate team. They went a meeting and came back very enthusiastic. I heard it's much parent involvement, so I need to accept the fact I'll be busier next year than most, but I'm so happy to see and support their enthusiasm for something they will be passionate about. 4h is still on the schedule too, with activities year round. Busy is good, to an extent, so I need to make sure we have balance. We need peace and prayer time. We put the college dual credit plans on hold a semester to have more high school experiences for Nick. We are both fine with that decision.


  1. My friend...
    You are so very blessed! But you know that, I know. : )
    Love your bedroom!!!!
    And happiest of birthdays to all of you who are celebrating!!!

  2. You have such precious children. Gifts of love that make a mama's heart happy indeed.

  3. Happy belated birthday, Mary! I hope it was an extra special day :)

    That room is so big and those walls! Very high. I just finished my kitchen and dining room. I've brightened things up a bit, but now I, too, need to find a new print for the dining room and some new kitchen curtains. You did a fantastic job...and will those be barn sliding doors?? That piece of cabinetry your hubs added is a great touch!

    Have a great rest of your week!