Thursday, May 26, 2016

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~

I went to California on a weekend trip with my oldest daughter. San Diego is a beautiful place.

It is good to be home, and the welcome from little girls who missed me was so special!
Plus their dad suggested they clean house before I get home. Sweet. 

Craig hung the old doors we found, barn door style.It helps add a little privacy to our bathroom, at least send a message to my kids that someone is indisposed, so stay back. 


We are using the outdoor cooker now. My vent hood still needs replacing, so keeping some heat out of the kitchen is necessary.
It's been yummy. And Craig said it was the first time he used wood from our property to cook dinner.

Max came over for dinner between his offshore stints. 

Nick is having fun with robotics Lego's from the county. One of the agents took his and a few other's interest seriously and broke out the older mind storms kits and ordered the newer versions. This will be really fun for Nick who loves robotics if we can get a team off the ground.

{Funny & Real}
Farm animals. Always something.
Hope still lives on the porch, but Craig is getting serious about having her move out to a friend's, who is begging to have her. She is a great pet, just uses every where as her personal potty, and she goes a lot! She doesn't bark, chew on things, jump up on people. She just likes to spend the nights on the porch (not with the other sheep) and leave her bathroom refuse right where we step out in the morning. :0

Nick is a big help around here. He reminds me some day he will go to college. But I don't want to talk of such things now. Denial!

So many layers of feathers!

A raccoon killed one of our ducks last night. I love the ducks and their friendly happy quacking. They are so fun to watch waddle around and swim in puddles. We are having an invasion of hogs, kids spotted 12 the other day. It's time to get serious about being on the defensive about predators. We love all our animals.

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  1. (Scream) I LOVE those doors!!!! Not only do you have the whole barn door style going on, but it looks so cool with the ones you found. Great job!

    I bet you were very happy to have them all home and around you, even temporarily. :)