Thursday, May 5, 2016

Mothering Young Adults

Parenting through the next phase.

I truly believe to be a mother means our main job is to pray our children to heaven. When they are out in the world 24/7, then the prayers need to happen 24/7. 

Seems impossible. 

When they are young and under our roof, it's hard, but we still have control over so many elements. Especially if we homeschool. We pick the books, movies, friends and playmates, shows, music... to a a time.

Then they grow up and make choices of their own.

We want our children to be thinking adults. Free and independent thinking adults. Which does not mean they will think just like we do, just like we'd expect or want them to think. We have to let them be who they are, who God designed them to be. We have to trust. And we can pray. We must pray.

Cutting the apron strings is an benign expression of this transition. It should be ripping your beating heart out with a dull blade... Ok maybe not that gory or dramatic, but it's more than a happy snap to a string. 

We have to remember who has more experience at the adulting thing and learn to bite our tongue and let them walk on their own. And bite our tongue and offer words of encouragement and support. And bite our tongue when we know how a certain outcome will go, but instead pray. Pray for their hearts and souls and life experiences. 

Hardest thing ever.

We mothers need to quietly work behind the scenes. Trust in the Lord, pledge consecrations, offer morning offerings, pray rosaries, offer holy Mass, make sacrifices, say constant small prayers, ...

What's the worse thing that could happen? A mother can't help but have thoughts down the dangerous roads that are out there.  It is crucial we control our imagination. 

Trust they heard some of what we taught them, saw some of the examples of choices we made. And have a home that they are welcome to come to to lay the burdens of the world down for a while.

A happy Mother's Day to all you hard working mamas out there! 


  1. Amen to this! I so know where you are coming from!

  2. Truth.
    Happy Mothers Day to you!