Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Daybook and More Flooding

Outside My Window.... We have a break from the rains and the sun came out. Where does all this water come from? It seems like a waste because we know we'll be wishing for this water later this summer. 

I Am Thinking....about my oldest out in the Gulf on this little bitty boat, haha. He said it's very state of the art. I miss him. At least he has good internet for communication.

I Am Thankful....for my husband's job and his diligent work ethic. My kids inherited that strong work ethic and it makes me proud to know they take their responsibilities seriously. 

I Am Going....to dentist for me and Nick. Poor kid always has something to deal with. Next visit a oral surgeon for a tooth implant where an adult tooth was never there. :( I still have one old filling that needs to be replaced and I'm finally getting it scheduled. 

I Am Hoping....the rain doesn't delay our church building completion date. The Cardinal will consecrate our hall October 29. We will use the hall for Mass until we can save enough for the next phase. It will be wonderful to finally be on our own property after five years at our hosting parish. 

I Am Praying...for a good outcome for heart surgery for my sweet Uncle Bill, and cancer relief for dear Uncle Jack. For all for suffer anxiety over health issues and the unknown. For us all to remember Christ's sacrifice for us being greater than any present worry.  For our country. For my kids' future spouses. For my husband's employer. For peace of mind.

Around The House....keeping it tidy and clean as we plan a party for our priest's ordination anniversary. 

Around The Farm...we lost a duck to a greedy raccoon. The remaining three are learning to go up in the coop at nights, occasionally, so we still have to check every night. We have not been getting enough sunshine to power the solar panel so the chicken butler door is not opening and closing. The morning they cluck loud enough to remind us if we forget, the evening we have to remember so no raccoons find an open door to their dinner.
The garden plants are growing as are the weeds. Euly helped me clear a section of weeds this weekend. She is so industrious, there wasn't a sign of a weed when she was done. We do have a peacock problem. They fly over the garden fence and eat all my blackberries. When done with blackberries, they work on the strawberries. They are hard to dissuade.  

In The Kitchen....back to working on dinner planning. I have a bad habit of where I throw myself into projects, then look up and realize I need to scramble to get dinner together, or not.  I have a few around here that will help remind me to stop and get dinner prep going, then dive back into whatever project du jour. I'm going back to family favorite easy to please recipes too. Last night we had hamburgers and hash brown comfort food dinner. 
Euly is strict on her gluten free with lettuce for bun, I'm trying to follow her lead more and more. I've had a few gluten allergy break outs, I need to get more serious, consistent and strict.  

I Am Pondering....involvement in groups. I'm not anti social, but I am anti group think. I've moved into a small county where people have grown up together. Change hasn't hit hard here..yet. It's coming. It's hard breaking into established groups and some places old timers resent or don't trust new people.
We've moved a lot in our married life; and have been blessed by many of our moves to meet wonderful people in different parts of the country. We've lived in a few of the fastest growing cities/towns/counties and seen communities change from rural life to something different in a short period of time. Moving has helped us reach out and try to meet new people, make new friends, because none of us have lived in the same place and has the same friends since high school. There are some who apparently do not like to make new friends and it's painful to see my kids kept out of social settings based on cliques and small town group think. It makes their sibling bonds tighter, which a good thing. We have to be stead fast, friendly and consistent and toughen the skin a little bit. All good life learning lessons. I'm not feeling sorry for ourselves, just sorry on missed opportunities for new friendships. Would it help us to yell: We're nice people, people! Haha. 

I Am Watching...I accidentally watched two George Clooney movies(not usually a fan):

Hail Caesar: funky, ok, as a day in the life type thing. It make me think it was a baseline for a tv series. Maybe a good idea for Netflix to start. A little unsatisfying as a movie, but ok.

TomorrowLand  was a fun movie to watch if you don't get tripped up on the environmental slant and wonder if TomorrowLand is another dimension away when what physical threat do we have here? Is it all in the mind? I would do better if it was a planet instead of dimension. 

The kids watched a Kung Fu Panda marathon via Amazon during the most recent deluge.

A Favorite Quote For The Day....A Prayer to the Sacred Heart or Jesus from John Cardinal Henry Newman:

Most Sacred, most loving Heart of Jesus, 
You are concealed in the Holy Eucharist, 
And You beat for us still. 
Now, as then, You say: “With desire I have desired.” 
I worship You with all my best love and awe, 
With fervent affection, 
With my most subdued, most resolved will. 
For a while You take up Your abode within me. 
O make my heart beat with Your Heart! 
Purify it of all that is earthly, 
All that is proud and sensual, 
All that is hard and cruel, 
Of all perversity, 
Of all disorder, 
Of all deadness. 
So fill it with You, 
That neither the events of the day, 
Nor the circumstances of the time, 
May have the power to ruffle it; 
But that in Your love and Your fear, 
It may have peace.

A Few Plans For This Week....the rain and flooding are changing and cancelling plans. I enjoy having all of us stuck home together, even though some of us get cabin fever. I've had a pretty serious cold that wiped out Memorial weekend, cancelled plans and left me with no energy. Summer colds usually hit me harder, I guess because I don't see it coming. I've rested and read and completed some paperwork projects that have been on my mind.

Nick and Euly will compete in state 4H meat judging competition this week and there  will be dances and activities with State Round up in College Station. They still have many 4h activities through the summer: Leadership Lab in Galveston, Meat Judging Camp in College Station, state games in archery in San Antonio, state Wildlife competition in Uvalde, fashion sewing camp in Rosenburg and maybe a cooking camp locally, if we can work out the schedule. Many of these occur same time, different places. They are looking forward to it all.

I Am Reading...books on personality disorders and how to help loved ones manage stress of life. This challenge gives good practical advice for any one wanting mental ideas to control runaway thoughts. 

A Peek into My Life... the rain aftermath the past few days. The Brazos River is about ten minutes from our house and it has flooded all surrounding low lands. We also had a tornado hit just north of us. Our pond is currently full (and I wish I would stay that way! But it has a "leak").

A favorite road side barn shifted due to the tornado:

Brazos River flooding fields

Our  road creek crossing.
Too much water taking away road material.

Rains bring out the mushrooms.

Creek crossing by neighbor, the fence catching too much debris to stand up.

Holes left in road from heavy water:

Exposed culverts on bridge, will need attention soon. 

Pond at a level that I would like to see it stay:

Hey, it's almost the weekend! Have a great Thursday!!


  1. Mary, I am touched and inspired and comforted by your prayer intentions.
    I suffer from health anxiety courtesy of my OCD...
    Often times I feel alone in my worry over what may come.
    To read that you pray for that intention...for me...heals my heart and my mind. : )
    So...thanks for that!
    In return, I'll humbly pray for your own intentions...
    Have a wonderful, cozy day, my friend. : )

    1. Billie Jo, you are so kind and definitely in my prayers. Thank you for praying for me!!
      I've tried this mantra lately when faced with anxiety (granted I haven't faced anything terribly big):

      Jesus (You) suffered and died for me,
      I can do xxx for Him (You).

      And somehow it takes away fears.

      God bless you, sweet friend!

  2. Wow, what flooding!! We're on floodwatch here too 150mm expected tomorrow.

    So saddened to hear of your clique experience {{}} One thing guaranteed to make me made is cliques. I'm very passionate about inclusion, everytime a new homeschool child joins our group my children hear a lecture on including the child, and most of the other parents insist on similar. The same at other events I'm big on the children making sure there are no wallflowers. As many of my children are by nature introverts they assure me this is a pain, I've taught them too well, they just want to hold up the walls themselves but find themselves having to reach out ;-)

    Praying for you and your darlings. At the end of the day the family bonds are the most important, I'm realising even my adult children are happiest with their siblings as their best mates.

    1. I hope y'all stay dry. We're still being hit hard. The local rivers are cresting while causing so much damage and animal displacement. We are planning out road repair and I think now it includes a plan for concrete. :) Watching a year and half of repair wash down the creek has needed a new plan!

      I had a friend in Georgia that made her kids welcome everyone and include everyone and her home was open to any homeschooler. She told her kids the same thing about no wall flowers. She taught many of us by that Southern hospitality in practical methods.

      I am thankful for my kids friendships with each other! I know I value my sisters friendships.

      Have a great weekend, Erin.

  3. What Erin said about the "clique experience", ditto. I am always stunned at how cliquey (sp?) Catholic women are in the homeschool groups. Maybe they are feeling less about themselves in someone and come across as rude?? I don't know. I really hate to see these cliques form and unfortunately, in the past few years, it has grown in our homeschool group. Very sad to see.

    1. I know what you mean, Patty. I've seen many kids (and moms) left out of things and it shocks me that the moms don't see the cliques they've/the kids have created within the groups.
      I want to yell how unChristian it is, but I don't to not humiliate my kids. :)
      I do think many times its insecurity more than rudeness, I have to check my introverted nature for this, too, because it can have the same result.