Monday, May 2, 2016

May Day and Beginning the Month of May with a Crown for Mary

Our Ccd wraps up the year with a few beautiful events. 

First confession.
 I don't take pictures, but I am delighted to be involved with this sacrament. We had 16 children come to mass early on a Saturday. Father offers confession before and after mass. The parents are sweet, nervous and excited. And proud and happy. The kids are serious. Each child remembers what they were taught and soberly and bravely go into the confessional and walk out with a clean soul. Sweet and beautiful! 

May Crowning
Elvia who prepares the altar flowers does a beautiful job every year. Each year prettier than the year before. Ourparish is  growing, so do the amount of flowers. This year she made a bouquet with pink or blue flowers for the first communion kids to offer. 
Another talented mom makes the crown with a variety of special flowers. 

We have our first communion kids participate in this special way, wearing their first communion clothes in anticipation of next week's sacrament. They will also wear these garments for the feast of Corpus Christi next month.

I was chosen to crown Mary when I was in second grade, chosen because I'm named in honor of our Blessed Mother. A special memory. We pick the youngest girl in class since her father is to lift her, to crown Mary, as if the child is descending from heaven as if an angel. Sweet, huh?  I kind of wish they all could have flowers to add to the crown, but the bouquets were beautiful.
And there were roses for everyone else to offer as a sign of our love and devotion.

Not all of them in photo: one was sick, one was late, two were out of town, another was off somewhere else for the photo.

We plan to have a crowning of our statues at home.
The girls are learning a few Marian songs to play piano and sing together. It warms my heart.


  1. What a beautiful parish you belong to!
    And your photos are beautiful as well.
    I always loved May Crowning...
    Have a lovely evening!

  2. I remember in 8th grade, the girls would dress in these beautiful pastel dresses and have a May crowning at school. That's when there were nuns teaching. Those are beautiful flowers and wonderful pictures.