Saturday, April 16, 2016

Daybook April

Outside My Window.... Cloudy, threatening rain, we have not had enough rain yet. 

Oops... Update:

I Am Thinking....all the appropriate and common thoughts about taxes because of tax day and wondering why we can't get together as a country and take back how we run it, especially the finances! Sigh. In my past life, (tax Cpa),  I thought for sure Americans would have had enough by now. Add up what percent of your income goes to taxes including all: sales, income, property, gas, state, Medicare, and not including the effects of the health care law because it's convoluted... It is too much. 
I know many people don't like Cruz, but if people look at what he has done to preserve our liberties, everyone would know he'd be great. Plus, I really like Heidi. 

I Am Watching... Fixer Upper on Netflix. The girls love it and watch with me. Ideas... And maybe a trip to Waco someday.

I Am Thankful....for this country and a good debate.

I Am a parish party celebrating our recently confirmed and to a recital that Euly is participating in. I don't like our Sunday's getting busy and splitting us up. 

I Am Wondering....about my new neighbor's house. They are building on the large tract of land behind us. Dump trucks brought in dirt for days. I am not sure why they chose to build so close to the back of our property and our existing neighbor's property.

I am praying for...people who struggle to make it through each day and for strength, wisdom and charity to help when I can.

I Am Reading:

Lois Lenski's Strawberry Girl
Ceci and Lilly both enjoy it. I love reading about farming stories of a different time. It gives us a different perspective and ideas.

Black Ships Before Troy by Rosemary Sutcliff
To Ceci for Greek History condensed version of the Iliad. I notice Nick always hangs around when I'm reading this or has an excuse to stay and listen. Haha he could listen to it over and over again, it is a good retelling. 

Trouble at Timpetill by Henry Winterfeld
A fun, fast read about children in a German town who awake with parents gone, they left because of the children's bad behavior. Fun to see how the children behave and handle the town life on their own.

The American Cause by Russell Kirk. It should be required reading by every American citizen for a reminder of what makes America America. Justice, order and freedom and how they are all necessary to work for civilization and how our founders Got. It. Right. How our country is based on Christian values, and how it has functioned because of it. Straightforward, clear. 

Alex O'Donnell and the 40 Cyber Thieves by Regina Doman. Quick read, good for high school students. Much like others in the "series." The characters are Catholic with normal flaws. I would suggest older high school girl, not the type of book my boys usually go for.  

But Not her book:
Repunzel Let Down:A Fairy Tale Retold
Oh my! Where were the warnings? Sadly I didn't see any. We liked her other books, and some how missed this radical and unexpected adult fiction classification, which, who knew what that would contain anyway. Sigh! Big fail. Unnecessary and not worth having on a shelf with her other more appropriate titles to be innocently and scandleously be preread by an anxious and innocent reader. Sigh again.

So skip that one! 

I Am Learning....about cows. I'm having a crash course in breeds and ages, weight, cost, marketability, care...  I met a  rancher about Angus and Brahmas and a mix of the two. I'm trying to do as much research before Craig comes back in town so we can shop cows at the sale barn and neighboring ranches when he is back. 

In The Kitchen....the girls have been helping me cook meals and clean up. We are so busy running and going that cooking isn't always on my mind when the day is wrapping up. Euly has been pushing herself to try more meals which are gluten free. She made a dinner of shrimp and rice lettuce wraps.

Evening walks...avoiding spiders, frogs, and all kinds of scary sounds. 

One of my favorite things... When the girls find something fun to do together. 

A Few Plans For This Week....Euly's concert, church reception,  science day, tour of a Catholic coop, refile for our Ag exemption and meeting with county, coffee with Carol, get wheel chair to mother in law, look into process to enroll Nick in dual credit. (These things seems to change quickly). 

Have a great weekend!


  1. We are looking at dual credit, too, but cannot enroll until ACT scores come back.

    Love hearing about your own crash course ;)

  2. I meant to add, Cruz is the only one who is a master of our constitutional law; inside and out and how to protect it.

  3. Still rather stunned at your animal/tax situation. I really need to explain our situation here properly, just waiting to get my husband to chat whilst I type ;-)

    I'd be so annoyed at having neighbours build so close, why??

    RE Regina Doman - I agree totally with your conclusions, asked 22yr old daughter to read your comments and she totally agreed too.
    Actually I'd go a step further, whilst her Shadow of the Bear trilogy is fantastic I wouldn't give it to an under 15 yr old and I would be discussing with them the topics in there prior to reading. They are heavy topics. aS for the Dancing Princesses I actually can't stand it, just saying.