Monday, April 4, 2016

Out in the April Sunshine

Just a bit of this and that this week. I'm working on a new outlook to include more positive vibes to get things done. 
Starting with focusing on getting daily exercise again. It's crazy how I can let off for a day or two and then suddenly now I can't remember how long it's been that I took a long walk. Months, for sure!

Next focus is problems areas in school. We have math under control then I realize how language arts wasn't getting proper attention and slipped. Ah, time...!
So now, refocus but I need to take care for me first. Glad to get walks in again.

We started deep cleaning the old Harvey the Rv who has sat ignored by us for two years but not ignored by wild critters and nature. It feels good to get it clean. But so much work! 
I love the Rv, we all do. So many happy memories and hopefully we'll make more once it is road worthy again.
I'll do what I can, by so much is above my skill level. So I added it to near the top of Craig's list, well, my friend Traci did since our annual Memorial Day graduation celebration vacation is coming up fast. We did a different trip for Max's graduation last year, since the river trip was his high school celebration, this will be the fifth year of the river. We love it. I hope it works. But finding something different may be fun too.

Always some project needing attention.

The middle three kids have been off on adventures of their own to piano and friends and 4h activities. It's hard to get on the same routine daily.

Lilly and visited Molly at school. 
Her apartment is great, but walls confine Lilly so we always have to go off and explore around Huntsville.  We came across the prison graveyard, over a hundred year history. Not a lot of information there, appropriately understated. This is a graveyard for those who died while incarcerated and family didn't have the means or desire to bury them elsewhere so the prisoners in charge of his task are the pall bearers, monument carvers, caretakers of this necessary work. 

Lilly was saddened by so many markers.
We prayed for their souls and for the victims that their lives affected. 

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, 
and let perpetual light shine upon them. 
By the mercy of God, may they rest in peace.

Sunday Father had time to come out and visit. He brought his recurve bow to practice shooting with Craig and the kids. He brought the critter targets Craig gave him. It was a good competition. Always a good visit. 

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  1. Wow just love how your priest comes out :-) and brings his bow :-)