Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Regular Life, Holy Week, Triduum, Easter, & Celebrate!

Holy Week started with science day at the Houston science museum.
I helped out with Lilly's class and we learned about the Aztecs and had a class on taxonomy. 
The teacher has a very cool system to teach taxonomy. 
She set up a treasure hunt folder system to find our bird through all the classes.

We had a cooking challenge 4h workshop.
I am not sure what was up with Lilly's hair, we can just ignore that, m'kay?
She was able to participate as a clover kid and wow, did she enjoy being a big kid. She helped her team and enjoyed every aspect.

Team: The Boss
Team: Leftovers

Daily chores include bird care. Look how big the chicks are getting!These two are the same age. 

Then, quickly, the Triduum began.
Starting with
Holy Thursday Mass, beautiful as always.

Ceci set up Stations of the Cross at home.

Friday services with veneration of the cross were moving.
Euly took most of the photos with the parish camera since my computer is almost full, and I need to dump photos before I take too many more.

Molly's friend came in fom California and spend Easter weekend with us. With the Traditional Latin Mass, there is no vigil. There wasn't a vigil before the 1960's. So the ceremony begins with creation history at 10 pm, and Holy Mass actually begins at midnight. It's a beautiful and educational service. Each of the Triduum services reach us so much about our Faith. I am getting to know the services more each year, and can follow along and enjoy.
Home by 2 am, in bed quickly for the Easte bunny to leave some sweets.

The rest of Easter Sunday is for celebrating! Family and friends came and I was too occupied with visiting to take many photos. We have fun with cousins and laugh and eat and drink and hunt eggs. 
We enjoyed having people over. It was a beautiful day, sunny and breezy.

Last year was a celebration of bluebonnet sand family who couldn't make it this year, this year will go down as the confetti egg battle.
We had a couple dozen as always, Michael, my cousin's husband, stealthily brought four dozen of his own to surprise my girls,when they thought all were done. 
Craig and I might have been the only ones spared all day.

I hope your celebration of the Resurrection was wonderful.
Happy Easter week!


  1. Mary... What beautiful photos!!!!
    Your Easter looked to be beautiful.
    Blessings for a cozy week ahead.

    1. Have a great weekend, Billie Jo!

  2. How fun to be part of that 4H food cooking challenge!!

    It is so nice to see all gentlemen having their feet washed. I know that Pope Francis allowed women in officially this year, but it just doesn't sit right. What an intimate act it is and to have a priest washing the feet of a woman? I don't know. Kind of blurs the lines. Then there's the whole male 12 apostles thing.

    I regress...

    You Easter Sunday looks wonderful, your entire Easter Triduum does! And there's those confetti eggs. We thought about introducing the KC cousins to them, but I'm not sure how much my sister would have appreciated the mess. :)

    1. Thanks, Patty.
      I know how you feel about the men and feet washing. Those kinds of things drew me into the Latin Mass. That tradition loving part of me.

      The confetti eggs, we improved over last year when the fight started inside. All parties showed great restraint to battle outdoors. It has become s tradition apparently.
      It vacuums up or sweeps easy enough.

      Have a great weekend!