Thursday, March 31, 2016

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real: End of March Day Book

~Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~
Outside My Window.... Nice, typical of first days of spring in south east Texas: we hit 90 degrees today! We had needed rain predicted every day this week and the weatherman has let me down. 

Around The clean up from our big Easter celebration done today. In the octave, we are still celebrating Easter every day. 
and I have a happy helper

 My Holy Week and Easter post here.

I Am Praying for...healing for my dad. He has an infection in bladder, prostate, kidneys and blood. A sepsis diagnosis and antibiotics this week, to which he is responding well. He is home resting and recovering, thank God. We worried that he would be in the hospital for an extended time. Praying for strength for my mom while she cares for him and hopefully cares for herself. My sisters have been rotating helping them. 


I Am Thinking....the garden is growing. Already having a tough start with the raspberries and cucumbers. We dipped in the 30's last week and it took a toll.  The lettuce looks promising. We will see...

I Am Thankful....for my wonderful, loving, hard working husband.

I Am Creating....a plan to re do our bedroom. It is taking time, but today we bought doors to add privacy to our bathroom. I have colors for the wall picked out and some bedding ideas. It will take a while, but planning is a big part of the fun.

Items at the antique fair

Where the doors will be mounted with the barn door rail type slide opening.
I Am Going....for a visit with Molly at her school tomorrow. The kids are busy and we are all busy in different directions. The kids have a meat judging clinic Saturday. We have a confirmation reception Sunday and Euly has a wildlife practice for 4h. We have our big 4h district round up later this month and the kids are preparing to compete in meat judging, consumer decision making, food challenge, food show and wildlife challenge. 

I Am Reading an watching...we just finished reading D'Aulaire's Greek Myths. And now started Sutciff's Black Ships Before Troy. I love Greek history and mythology. I hope my kids catch the love for it, too. We watched the Percy Jackson movies to discuss the myths, how it agreed and how it didn't to the D'Aulaire's book. 

Around the Farm...we let the hatch lings outside! Nick built a little shelter for them and we added heat lamp, water , food- and bam: I have my utility room back for good. (Unless we decide to get more peacock chicks in the summer). But for now, no more tittering sounds coming from the inside the house. And all associated smells are outdoors too.
These are all our hatch lings - mostly Rhode Island Reds, with a few Ameracaunas and Sexlink hybrids.

We have had good luck overall, we did lose three meat chickens possibly from dehydration or getting overheated. Those guys go through more food and water than we imagined. 
These are pullets from our older babies.

In The Kitchen....Axis deer sausage and beef jerky came back from the processors today. Yum! It will go in everything. The ten pounds of jerky won't last long, so I have to hide it away in the freezer.

A Peek into My Day....from our visit to Round Top Antique Fair.
{fun and funny}
So many vendors set up all over the normally tiny town of Round Top, Texas.
Craig, Lilly and I spent a morning shopping. I resisted many things, including old books and Catholic treasures, (Craig was impressed with my restraint)  as we tried to concentrate on the projects we are planning this year.  Many fun things to look at. 



  1. Meat judging! Oh what memories.... I was in FFA in high school, and I remember a few boys who did that sort of thing. I was a land judger, though. In 4H I did sewing. Two wonderful clubs! I'm glad you are participating in 4H.

    1. My kids didn't know they'd enjoy it as much as they have! Great skill building.

  2. So much going on here!

    Easter! I hope to make it through a couple of more weeks of Easter season before I put my things away. Plastic eggs and basket are put away. The warm weather makes me want to switch things out sooner than later ;)

    Gardens! It is looking good. We just put ours in. The last chance of a freeze was March 20, and by golly, it was 35 Degrees that night. We just planted this past week and I can see the tomato plants already growing! We did tomato, pepper, carrots, cucumbers, beans, cantaloupe. David even built a garden box out of old pallets (that his product comes delivered on). Looking forward to seeing how that works!

    I love your finds and how you put them to use.

    Wishing you a great weekend!

    1. It is satisfying to grow your own food. (I never want to calculate the cost it takes to produce our own). Hopefully over time, we get better at it. This year is a big one for us.

      The pallet idea sounds good. Can't wait to see it. We used cinder blocks from the old house.

      Thanks for stopping by,