Saturday, March 5, 2016

7 Quick Takes

I read Kelly's post and agree with her about blogging for fun. And for the journalling aspect. I love opening an old post and see where we once were.
It's also fun to make connections and see what else is going on in others' lives and it helps make this stay-home-homeschooling-mom-living-away-in-the-country not feel so alone in the realities of life. 

One thing I've noticed even more is time does fly right on by. I see it in my kids' faces on the blog. And I'm living realities of it with my two oldest out in the world. 

Max has spent a lot of time offshore this year. We've missed seeing him. Tired as he was just back from Louisiana, he came out to have dinner with us for Craig's birthday. Molly was in Dallas and we missed her. She is considering an internship at a CPA firm in Dallas and I am cheering for her, but also quietly hoping that she doesn't end up there after she's done with college. I'd love to see her around Houston more. Hard, hard letting go and cutting apron strings, but so nice to see them succeed and enjoy their hard work.

2. Fuller House. I'll have to watch an old Full House episode, but I think this is much more scandalous with bedroom jokes and situations a little too much for my kids. Disappointing because the characters are great and it has a nice family dynamic. My kids tell me shows were much worse in the 80's and 90's, but I didn't have kids old enough to worry about their impression then, still I think this has too many things I would have to say "don't look." 

3. Do you have a catch phrase to say don't watch this scene? Lilly has something she yells any scene there is a kiss, no matter how innocent: "Loud/Lawd!!" and hides under a pillow. I try to be careful with what they are exposed to and it helps that we don't have commercial tv, only Netflix and Amazon and DVDs. But I'm sure my younger kids have seen more than I allowed my older kids at their ages. Big family spread problems.

4. I'm sad to see it end, but ready for the last Downton!! I have to wait for to load it, usually sometime Monday. 

5. I planted some of the over grown plant starts in the garden. I am so sad that two types of tomatoes didn't make the transition. Ceci has confidence they will rebound, but they look dead to me. Not sure why. Everything else we transplanted looks great. 
These are all non GMO, heritage seeds. I just want the seeds the way God designed them for us.  I want tomatoes! I don't want to pick up starter one from a garden center since they mostly will be GMO. I still have seeds left so I'll start new ones this weekend and be a month behind, but it will be worth it.
Today I go a master gardener class put on by my country extension office. Planning on learning lots!! Bees, vegetable gardens, fruit trees.... I need all the advice. 

6. I need to get these planted because they make my bedroom/greenhouse smell like leftover pizza and I wake up hungry.

7. Two of Lilly for Micaela's Black and White Theme Thursday.


Wishing you a fantastic and refreshing weekend! We are more than half way through Lent!!


  1. Yes, those apron strings are a challenge! {}
    Totally get large age spread problems, and definitely experience the same.

  2. Just when I get used to one being gone, then the next one goes, and the next one gets ideas of leaving....I know was The Plan, but... Well, I know you understand!! {{{}}}

  3. Love that last picture...that little guy is stepping out! (is it me, or does his foot look huge?). Also, Downton! just finished the finale, did you watch it yet? What did you think?

  4. Just an FYI from a farmer. Most of the plants at your local nursery WON'T be GMO. They will by hybrid, but that's totally different and humans have been doing it for centuries. GMO technology is very expensive so they don't usually 'waste' it on the general public. That and most tomatoes are GMO'd to make their tomatoes more 'truckable' and that's not something the average gardener needs to worry about. If you knew the price difference between the GMO corn grown by my neighbour and the non-GMO corn grown by Colin, you'd understand how the cheap plants at the nursery couldn't be GMO.

    I know what you mean about the kids being exposed to more on 'tv'. Ella loves Big Bang Theory. I love her watching it because it shows smart women. Luckily most of the jokes she shouldn't hear she doesn't understand. And with Penny's inappropriate behaviour I use as an example because if you watch Penny isn't really happy in that lifestyle. We've started introducing Ella to the old shows. We've got Dukes of Hazard on the go right now and I've got Little House on the Prairie on my Amazon wish list.

    Love the little chick!

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    2. Thanks for the info about GMO's. I'll stop being suspicious of everyone. ;)
      We are trying to learn as we grow more varieties of plants