Thursday, March 31, 2016

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real: End of March Day Book

~Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~
Outside My Window.... Nice, typical of first days of spring in south east Texas: we hit 90 degrees today! We had needed rain predicted every day this week and the weatherman has let me down. 

Around The clean up from our big Easter celebration done today. In the octave, we are still celebrating Easter every day. 
and I have a happy helper

 My Holy Week and Easter post here.

I Am Praying for...healing for my dad. He has an infection in bladder, prostate, kidneys and blood. A sepsis diagnosis and antibiotics this week, to which he is responding well. He is home resting and recovering, thank God. We worried that he would be in the hospital for an extended time. Praying for strength for my mom while she cares for him and hopefully cares for herself. My sisters have been rotating helping them. 


I Am Thinking....the garden is growing. Already having a tough start with the raspberries and cucumbers. We dipped in the 30's last week and it took a toll.  The lettuce looks promising. We will see...

I Am Thankful....for my wonderful, loving, hard working husband.

I Am Creating....a plan to re do our bedroom. It is taking time, but today we bought doors to add privacy to our bathroom. I have colors for the wall picked out and some bedding ideas. It will take a while, but planning is a big part of the fun.

Items at the antique fair

Where the doors will be mounted with the barn door rail type slide opening.
I Am Going....for a visit with Molly at her school tomorrow. The kids are busy and we are all busy in different directions. The kids have a meat judging clinic Saturday. We have a confirmation reception Sunday and Euly has a wildlife practice for 4h. We have our big 4h district round up later this month and the kids are preparing to compete in meat judging, consumer decision making, food challenge, food show and wildlife challenge. 

I Am Reading an watching...we just finished reading D'Aulaire's Greek Myths. And now started Sutciff's Black Ships Before Troy. I love Greek history and mythology. I hope my kids catch the love for it, too. We watched the Percy Jackson movies to discuss the myths, how it agreed and how it didn't to the D'Aulaire's book. 

Around the Farm...we let the hatch lings outside! Nick built a little shelter for them and we added heat lamp, water , food- and bam: I have my utility room back for good. (Unless we decide to get more peacock chicks in the summer). But for now, no more tittering sounds coming from the inside the house. And all associated smells are outdoors too.
These are all our hatch lings - mostly Rhode Island Reds, with a few Ameracaunas and Sexlink hybrids.

We have had good luck overall, we did lose three meat chickens possibly from dehydration or getting overheated. Those guys go through more food and water than we imagined. 
These are pullets from our older babies.

In The Kitchen....Axis deer sausage and beef jerky came back from the processors today. Yum! It will go in everything. The ten pounds of jerky won't last long, so I have to hide it away in the freezer.

A Peek into My Day....from our visit to Round Top Antique Fair.
{fun and funny}
So many vendors set up all over the normally tiny town of Round Top, Texas.
Craig, Lilly and I spent a morning shopping. I resisted many things, including old books and Catholic treasures, (Craig was impressed with my restraint)  as we tried to concentrate on the projects we are planning this year.  Many fun things to look at. 


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Regular Life, Holy Week, Triduum, Easter, & Celebrate!

Holy Week started with science day at the Houston science museum.
I helped out with Lilly's class and we learned about the Aztecs and had a class on taxonomy. 
The teacher has a very cool system to teach taxonomy. 
She set up a treasure hunt folder system to find our bird through all the classes.

We had a cooking challenge 4h workshop.
I am not sure what was up with Lilly's hair, we can just ignore that, m'kay?
She was able to participate as a clover kid and wow, did she enjoy being a big kid. She helped her team and enjoyed every aspect.

Team: The Boss
Team: Leftovers

Daily chores include bird care. Look how big the chicks are getting!These two are the same age. 

Then, quickly, the Triduum began.
Starting with
Holy Thursday Mass, beautiful as always.

Ceci set up Stations of the Cross at home.

Friday services with veneration of the cross were moving.
Euly took most of the photos with the parish camera since my computer is almost full, and I need to dump photos before I take too many more.

Molly's friend came in fom California and spend Easter weekend with us. With the Traditional Latin Mass, there is no vigil. There wasn't a vigil before the 1960's. So the ceremony begins with creation history at 10 pm, and Holy Mass actually begins at midnight. It's a beautiful and educational service. Each of the Triduum services reach us so much about our Faith. I am getting to know the services more each year, and can follow along and enjoy.
Home by 2 am, in bed quickly for the Easte bunny to leave some sweets.

The rest of Easter Sunday is for celebrating! Family and friends came and I was too occupied with visiting to take many photos. We have fun with cousins and laugh and eat and drink and hunt eggs. 
We enjoyed having people over. It was a beautiful day, sunny and breezy.

Last year was a celebration of bluebonnet sand family who couldn't make it this year, this year will go down as the confetti egg battle.
We had a couple dozen as always, Michael, my cousin's husband, stealthily brought four dozen of his own to surprise my girls,when they thought all were done. 
Craig and I might have been the only ones spared all day.

I hope your celebration of the Resurrection was wonderful.
Happy Easter week!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Celebrating big and little things that make life great (aka photo dump with comments)

We had a visit from our good friends, visited, played around and had a poetry recitation tea party. Lilly recited "Once I Saw A Little Bird.." They all enjoy showing off their hard work.

Craig got the old well on the front of the property working so we have water for the orchard. No more tractoring gallons from the house across the property. And it is exciting to see, many of the citrus trees have blooms.

Ceci and Lilly thought they'd give the ducks a treat. They loved their swim.

The kids went to another dance.
They are picking partners and making plans for their training for a showcase in the fall.

Peacocks. Getting bigger...

And bolder..
(That's the dogs' hang out).

Palm Sunday today. 
I didn't have my missal and didn't find the booklet at church for today, so I felt a little lost through all the readings. I knew the gist, just not all the details. I had a reminder of what new comers to the Latin mass must feel like. Why are we standing so long, what are they reading, why didn't I pay more attention in Latin class...? 
Thankfully the readings are found online, so I was able to fill everyone in. 
I'll have to put the missals in the car before we leave for services this week. Ceci sits next to me and follows along with hers.

All veiled.

Blessing the palms.

I love processions! 
Veils, bells, smells, rails and processions of the traditional mass!

Looking forward to a good Holy Week.
I'm making plans for Easter dinner with a smaller guest list than normal this year missing ones who moved away, traveled international and another who had a baby. Max came by for a visit since he may be offshore next weekend, which I'm praying gets delayed until after Easter! 
We will clean house, go electronically quiet, although we do have science day tomorrow and a food challenge with 4 h Wednesday, we will try to keep quiet. 
We cancelled everything Thursday through Sunday to enjoy praying the Triduum.
Happy Holy Week!