Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Trying to Stay on Target

Nick, Euly, Ceci and their cousin John Philip competed in a 4H district archery shoot last weekend. This was our first 4h competition, besides the county food show and I think we are getting in the swing of it. All four love archery. Nick works at a scout camp and is the range master for archery.  I liked that they were able to shoot and shoot to their hearts content. Nick and Euly shot 60 plus warm ups, Ceci shot 30. 
They did well, and are practicing for the state competition next month.

Posing with their coach.
Euly won second in her category of compound unaided. The boys competed in a large group of compound aided. 
Max has been working  off shore quite a bit over the past weeks, so we were thrilled he could visit us Sunday. We needed his engineering help reprogramming the broken chicken coop Poultry Butler automatic door and helping with plans for drip irrigation on the orchard we planted Saturday.

We ordered trees from our county extension office. I was pleased how healthy they came.  

We have a variety of fruit and nut trees. We planted 38, with 19 berries and figs left to go. The pecans will be moved to the creek area once that phase of renovation is done.

Nick is so funny, he works so hard, never complains but has his dry comments, "Be a farmer, they said. It will be fun, they said..." 
Yes, it will be fun and totally thrilling to eat a fruit from these trees. 

The kids are preparing for several 4H competitions in areas new to us: Consumer Decision Making, Meats Judging, and Wildlife Habitat. The extension agents have held extra training and my sister has generously spent hours with the kids helping them understand what they need to know.
"Giving Reasons" is an aspect I like about 4H. The kids judge a situation, and have to explain before judges why they made that choice over three other items/situation. Encourages critical thinking, thinking on their feet, presenting and defending answers to a panel of adults. 
I like that is it offers activities for three and sometimes all four of the kids. Otherwise Lilly and I get to spend time reading and hanging out together or she spends lots of time "making new friends" which is her passion.

The four played around together after an intense wildlife practice. 

I enjoy our time together while older the kids learn about so many different things that help with farm life, and life in general. Lilly and I read outside while the kids learned about lamb cuts. Ceci doesn't not like the idea of selling any of our sheep to market, but she's okay with learning their parts.

Speaking of hardworking farmer Nick, and sheep drama,
It's been a busy week in the nursery. We penned up as many of the ewes in the sheep pen, excluding the rough males. Ramses was chasing the newest mom last weekend so that she couldn't care for her baby. The baby is male, not sure if that has some good to do with it. He ha snuck in twice and the kids have practice lasso, but mostly Euly and Nick catch him by her horns and wrestle him back out, exciting to say the least.

We lost a pregnant ewe  Monday morning. She was pregnant with at least two, she was our smallest, probably youngest of the mature females, and she was carrying a huge amount of baby. She had barely gone into labor, apparently when she died. I found her in the sheep pen, so peaceful. Sad, Ceci was so sad all day. Nick is in charge of this task, sweet farmer dude.
Joy returned yesterday with the discovery of twins to another mom. One baby is confused and attached to the mom of last weeks baby. I'm not sure she was able to nurse her mom for colostrum. She's precious.

I had to get Pocohauntas the goat out of the nursing pen because she keeps everyone else from eating. So I tricked her and lasso-ed her out. 
And then today, we had to get the baby. It wasn't being nursed anymore and the birth mom kept kicking and head butting it. We will load him up with powdered milk colostrum and try to reunite him when stronger, before he gets attached.

I realized how buzyvwe've been that it was Wednesday before I even thought to watch Downton.
Oh *Spoiler*
Did you see it? Oh Robert! I knew something bad was brewing, but the dramatic was it surfaced, .. Oh my!.. I cried the crest of the show. No, I know he didn't die, it seems a death with the transfer of power.
Loose ends are tied up with Baxter, Marihold, Mary's final expression scared me. Sisters can be so hard on each other.

Candlemakers celebration. Two words make me happy: candlelit procession. Love, love, love.

Euly is the church photographer these days. She took some beautiful shots with the parish secretary's camera. I take some on the outside to give the website keeper a variety. 


  1. What a jammed packed post! I love archery as do my kids. But the love for horse riding is stronger with mine ;) So, only little man has stuck to archery.

    The entire lamb birth sagas...oh my. How on earth do you manage it all? I'd be crying and worrying so much. Nature's own way is so hard at times, isn't it??

    1. Yes, I think the mamas have a natural sense of survivability that we don't see as clearly, or we just think we can save it! It's sad to see the mama ewes head butt the new babies.