Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Mary, Mary, quite contrary...

Our garden is started. But it s still a long way from getting planted safely in the ground by the first day of spring.

Oh, how I love to see seeds spout. I think it's the mothering nurturer in me, like seeing little babies getting a start. Also because of the hope of future fruits and vegetable nourishing my family. There's a lot of hope here.

A tower or berries, strawberries and raspberries with a lime tree on the side.

Broccoli and beans.

We've been pretty dry and so we need to water all the plants starts we have planted. My bedroom is a temporary greenhouse again this year, beaming with life. Trips with water to the orchard every other day add on to our busy schedules. It's rewarding,  and seeing new life bud out on the trees is so encouraging.

We had a little freeze burn new growth the first week.
Some new growth on the citrus trees.

We need water, and to get the well working we need power and the power company has decided we need a new power pole, and it needs the attention of the power engineers which has been delayed to get an appointment. I'm not sure how long until a new pole is installed, then we can check the old well, then we can get water plumed to orchard. 

The garden has a shape, with four posts and gate in place. 55x45' rectangle. We had old power poles to use as the corner posts for the garden. The fencing will go quicker. I have dirt ordered to mix in with our soil and then more dirt coming when we get the raised beds made. We have to move quickly as these starters are wanting to be in the dirt to grow. Especially the strawberries.

A summary of snap chats showing how little help we are to the guys. They are happy for our moral support. Really.

Sheep drama.

Baby Norman is doing well. He's a fiesty little dude. He needs to eat more, but he has energy to go and run with the females in the herd, and the two male babies, so I feel good about his future. We had a rough week with the new lambs, losing an ewe pregnant with twins, then seeing the moms reject their babies. We took one set of twins, but not soon enough for Norman's brother Patches who died after five days. Many tears and heartache.
But Norman enjoys snuggles and makes everyone happy.

I think we are good for now, we are keeping the females and babies in the pen so Norman can attach to the herd and think like a sheep. I feel so happy for him to see him run along with them around the pen.

It's also time to think about baby chicks. Locally the feed stores will start showing up with chicks this week. I would like to add 30 layers to our flock this spring. I don't think we will think about meat chickens until we get garden and orchard running smoothly. Next year I'd like to have an incubator going to hatch our own chicks.

And then, there's my children, which are everything else. School has evolved to include 4h into my curriculum. It does take time. Lots of time.  The kids competed in a meats judging competition in San Antonio. So much to learn there. Their cousin has experience and did well, finishing 8th, bringing their team finishing 10th to earn a ribbon. Yay. The kids leaned a lot and are willing to push to learn more by the next competition.

We have another competition in San Antonio for Consumer Decision Making which is a test in critical thinking and for the older kids: explaining those decisions to a panel of judges. Then we repeat in Houston. 

Euly is on a wildlife team and has been preparing to compete soon. The meetings are hosted by the coach in his beautiful sprawling ranch that was once part of the original Texas Steven F. Austin 300.

The same weekend Nick and Ceci will compete in state level archery. Nick has been practicing and improving and it's great to see him so dedicated and passioned. His scout camp job resumes this month where he is the range master and encourages young scouts with their archery skills.

Lent is here and we are working in our spiritual needs as well. We have opportunities with a confirmation and a funeral to focus our spirits to heaven while receiving added graces.

We survived a round of colds, but it looks like we have been hit with a stomach bug, which of course we have no time for, making it necessary to cancel activities and pause and be thankful for the time to think about taking care of ourselves.

And then there is this:
Antonio Scalia:
God assumed from the beginning that the wise of the world would view Christians as fools…and He has not been disappointed. Devout Christians are destined to be regarded as fools in modern society. We are fools for Christ’s sake. We must pray for courage to endure the scorn of the sophisticated world. If I have brought any message today, it is this: Have the courage to have your wisdom regarded as stupidity. Be fools for Christ. And have the courage to suffer the contempt of the sophisticated world.

February is also a month for dances.
The Catholic homeschool dance is my kids favorite event. We get to visit and dance and enjoy homeschooling families.
Ceci is in etiquette and dance classes leading up to a cotillion this Friday.

The Texas A&M Aggie Wranglers came to the Catholic homeschool dance to perform and inspire. Ceci danced with several of them and learned some new moves. 

My parents came to visit us while in town for my nephew's confirmation. We had perfect weather, so perfect that my mom spotted a snake while we were on a walk.

So, time to make sure the girls keep those shoes on.


  1. Love the pic of your baby girl in her pink buggy.
    Of to a full life this year:-)

    1. Off and running, definitely busy, I love spring time. We try to get as much done before summer heat and humidity slow us down!