Saturday, February 20, 2016

Cotillion Time of Year

This year was Cecilia's turn to take Miss Susan's Etiquette Class studying refined manners and ballroom dance, ending with a four course dinner at a country club and a ball.
Nick, Euly and their cousin John Philip joined the fun. They knew many others there which added to the fun. Their partners and table assignments are decided by Miss Susan and are a surprise to them. They dance with their dinner partner for the first and last dances of the evening.

Molly was home and helped the girls with hair and make up. And I always like a photo shoot while they all look so pretty.

Last week the kids competed in San Antonio meat judging and won 10th place team. JP won 8th individual. It was a good lesson of how a contest goes in 4H. My sister wanted a photo while they were all together again to put in the local newspaper.

Texas A&M Ross Volunteer Honor Guard come to have the cotillion guest enter announced and under a sabre arch. They were there at the Texas Governor Greg Abbott's inauguration. A pretty cool honor.
The A&M Ballroom dance group also came to showcase some of their dances. They were very fun to watch and had some great choreography by former students of Miss Susan.

They dance many dance styles they know and have opportunity to learn more dances at the ball.

Lilly and I stayed for the fancy entrance, and returned for the awards and final dances. Lilly danced with Nick and Ceci, and the last dance Nick saved for me. I wish I had learned the waltz before so it would have been more fun for him.
I am so in awe of each of my kids' dance skills. I am thankful for them to have this opportunity.

Last year's cotillion here.


  1. We received a postcard announcing cotillion season up in my area of Texas earlier this winter. I almost did it. I passed thinking my one young lady I had in mind would have been too nervous. I wish I would have remembered last year's post to show her.

    1. Ballroom dancing has been the biggest thing to help my shy daughter. It's given her confidence to talk to other people and confidence in how she holds herself. It helped the other two with confidence and work on being conscious of others. The classes taught the dance moves and etiquette. I'm thrilled with he opportunity.
      I wish I had learned to dance, maybe when it's Lilly's turn.