Wednesday, February 17, 2016

An Excuse to Be Outdoors: Dirt Delivery and Arrow Retrieval

After a stomach bug, I wanted to air out the house and air out the kids and tried to send the kids out every chance we had today.

We had dirt delivery, so even before the dump truck driver had gone, Lilly was playing and jumping on the pile. 
Not just kids but every set of animals tried out King of the Hill.

I had seen a road runner on my way out of the gate this morning and tried to capture him with the camera, but he has been too elusive. Lilly and I walked down this afternoon but there sheep were hanging out right where I had seen him.

The kids were out practicing archery when I spotted two errant arrows of Euly's that had ended up in the pond. 
So that challenged the girls on how to get them out, without trudging through the seaweed pond. 
Surprisingly Euly figured it out, without getting wet. Ceci wasn't so lucky.
I wondered if this means we should add Huck Finn to our reading list or if it means we don't need to. 


  1. OH! The arrow retrieval! That is so funny!!!!

    1. Creative girls. They are fun to watch and see what they come up with.

  2. Oh I love the pics of the girls retrieving the arrows, so fun :-)