Friday, January 29, 2016

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

~ {pretty, happy, funny, real} ~
Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~

Pretty and Happy

We have been busy with appointments, were able to carve out an afternoon to drive over to visit with Molly at college. She's been working, studying and getting used to the new normal at school and we thought she might need a good meal. The girls miss her terribly.
Raising girls is full of emotion, some fulfilling, some draining, some challenging. But worth all the struggles to see them make choices toward dignified womanhood. 

We stopped by Sam Houston park while driving around town. Old Texas homes are so cool, the wood, the smells, the antiques. I can imagine him many children running around, climbing trees. I bet his homestead was full of life.

His Law Office

The homestead kitchen
One of the homes

The garden

There are so many more buildings to explore on another visit.


The girls thought the tree throne was entertaining.

Her Abe Lincoln impersonation.

Bookcases are the focus of Auntie Leila's post today with the link up.
We have so many windows, we put bookcases where we could. A long wall in the den, all full, some droopy, many in need of attention. I had no idea how bad they looked until I took a photo. 
In den- the majority of literature and history books

In guest bedroom- mostly religious, art and music study.
These are my special books, and not really hidden away because it's the first room past the den, open down the hall.

In girls room- most picture books

Hidden in back corner of my office- messy curriculum and games.
Although not a shelf, it's my favorite box kept in reach of the couch to keep books we are reading now.
 Every place we have lived we added built in bookcases, except here, ...yet. I would tell the realtor to put homeschool family in the listing so other book lovers might benefit with the shelves we were leaving behind.


  1. Oh drool, drool, drool over your bookcase pics, now that's my idea of decorating :-)
    Particularly love the solid one in the den.

    1. Oh, I think the same! How I'd love that many books!

      My favourite is the bookshelves in the guest bedroom. Reminds me of my Aunties house when I was young. She had the best library!

  2. I love box/basket in the last photo and the fact that you use it to house "current" reads.
    The bookshelves in your den are fabulous!
    Great pix from Sam Houston Park - I've always enjoyed visiting historical homes since I was a little girl. So neat to envision the picture you painted of his children running around.

  3. Love the Abe Lincoln impersonation! My older kids are at college as well and the younger ones miss them a lot! A new kind of season in the family.
    Your den is fabulous!! How fun it would be to peruse those shelves!!!

  4. Great bookshelves! So. Many. Books.!! Love it.

  5. Oh my gosh! All the bookcases!! We have NO room for them in this house the way the floorpan is laid out. I take all of our children's literature and put it into bins that are marked for the season or holiday,etc. Then the bins are slid under the beds for storage. It was the best I could come up with. Miss Sally does have one bookcase in her room that houses the books the older girls have enjoyed reading or collecting.

    That throne! So cool!