Thursday, January 21, 2016

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

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Ceci won a blue ribbon in her age and food category at our county food show with her strawberry Apple cupcakes.  Her recipe. She has work to do for district where there will be a lot more competition. She loves baking and making it pretty. I'm so happy she received encouragement.
Speaking of food, we are so excited to get our seeds in the mail. We have great hopes for our garden with heirloom seeds. 
We had an enjoyable evening with three fathers, but a night I refer to as five fathers:
three Fraternity of the Society of St. Peter priests, my husband, +his father+ in spirit (whose recipe we used and whose birthday it was).
It is fun to see these three banter and joke on a relaxed evening.

Running with her lamb.

A week with dentist appointments and hair appointments. I am happy so be done with both for a while. Since we moved, I thought I'd try to find "people" near me, but I gave up and went back to the kids' dentist in our old area. They are that good! And my girls LOVE them, so win win!

Lilly had a strange gum flap removed and it was sent off to the lab. This is new to us, so I'm praying lab results say all is well!
The Hair person is a bit harder to settle on, imagine that, stupid vanity. But really, I am very easy to please, except when they go crazy with the highlights and country hair dressers tend to go crazy with the highlights.
So I am considering letting it go natural, but easier said than done when it's the reflection telling me when to go. Old habits dying hard... So maybe I'm being forced to give up the highlights since I can't find anyone local to do it right, and I'd feel silly driving over an hour to go to my old hair gal. And I've been back twice this week for repairs to my newest gal. 


  1. Your funny is truly funny!
    What a great accomplishment on your daughter's part! You must be proud!
    I'm all about the easier the better when it comes to my hair!

    1. Easy sounds good about now. My kids hate when I change my hair more than I do. I guess because they look at it all day.

  2. The lamb running! LOL!!

    Hair and dental appointment. The previous two weeks were filled with hair and well check ups. Feb brings dental and eye appointments. (Can you tell I got pretty behind on them all?!)