Friday, January 8, 2016

Life and Epiphanys

2016 is clicking off the days pretty quickly so far. All good days, just amazing to see the calendar move to the next week again so fast. Been busy, busy is good. Sometimes my mind needs to catch up at 2 am. Hormones play a little role in insomnia, but I never suffer too much the following day since I crave the quiet time to think and pray. It's refreshing to start the day with a clear plan and motivation. 

The weather has been interesting and not at all consistent, so we are trapped indoors for rain but out enjoying the sun that afternoon. I love the variety.

I enjoy looking at how others celebrate the holidays, and in many ways I don't want to share that part of our life completely. I like to keep some memories in my heart. I don't always pick up the camera and instead just memorize with my eyes and heart. Soak it in.

The holidays did pass quickly, but were well spent together.

I took some pictures for our parish at the Epiphany water blessing. It's a favorite extra service I fell in love with at our Fssp parish in Georgia. The prayers are so beautiful and incredible and by the end of the service you know Satan is no where nearby.  Molly and Euly went with me, with their own bottles to collect the "super holy water" for their own uses this next year. I do not feel guilty about being greedy about how much epiphany holy water I take home,  and I am not alone, Father prepared many extra gallons this year. We took our prayers and blessed chalk home, armed.

In a traditional Latin Mass parish we do things the new mass parishes don't any more. We get questioned from fellow Catholics about all the whys and we practice answering and have to research and ask for answers ourselves. We are blessed with great priests.

The Catholic faith is so incredible, so deep, so well studied, the answers have been provided through centuries of living, questioning, witnessing. 

I am medical power of attorney for my mother in law, which falls to me because I do not work outside home and am able to attend meetings during the week, and I want to help my husband as much as I can. I also am pretty level headed and want to help the situation best of all possibilities.

Sometimes just being presented with the facts is heart breaking. My mother in law is resilient and has been these almost 50! years battling multiple sclerosis. She had another set back recently and is back in skilled care for therapy after a stay in the hospital. At a care plan meeting a therapist told her out right she wouldn't walk again, never to get out of he wheel chair. Within two days she walked across the therapy room with her walker- (I'm sure with a defiant smile on her face!) Strong women in this family. But the MS will take a toll, and it's harder to keep ahead, or even keep up with it. And being such an unpredictable illness, we don't know what lies ahead and when. She's never given up.

This elderly care arena is outrageously expensive and so entwined with government regulations and terms and limits. This facilities are for profit businesses too, and have their own way of charging and dealing with government and insurance, that doesn't all click with my understanding. I have to ask so many questions to even see what the therapists are trying to tell me. Even when the directors won't be clear.  They like to be ambiguous. Right now, prayers are the only guidance.  

Molly is leaving Monday for her new university. We are excited for her. I get emotional without realizing it's because I'm going to miss her. Have I taught her everything I was supposed to...? Will the world be kind to her..?  Can she handle when it won't be..? 
Again, prayer is my only recourse, and knowing she has strength and confidence. I'll miss her flair she adds to our lives.

Our home improvement push has moved to garden and orchard prep. Also, I happened across some vintage sarees to get my creative juices flowing for my bedroom make over. It will be a slow planning process as I have to see what structural changes Craig has for the room, possible some electrical changes, AC vent moving. We aren't redoing the floor just yet, windows and doors aren't a big hurry, so a little decorating will be a fun break.

We are reading an old book given to my husband by his grandmother's cousin, both Irish immigrants. I don't know much about any connections, the life lessons are so instructional. And heart breaking and motivating. It's old and out of print. I found an online copy.

Father Drummond 
Children of Mary
By Mary Edgar

Told by an orphan who was taken in with other boys and raised by a good priest, Father Drummond. 
I read with my teens, and refer back to it many times.
The lesson: Sometimes when you try to lead a good, pure life, others who aren't trying will strive to bring you down to their level of sin, probably to ease their own conscious that no one can be good. He discusses times of temptation, gambling, drinking, dishonesty, and others' plans for his ruin. He experienced through his life, if one dedicates his life to our Blessed Mother, she will not fail. 
It's good. The kids love it and have cried with me at the death of loved ones in story. It's incredible to get an example of a "happy death."

We have a 4H event Saturday for wildlife training. Nick, Euly and Ceci are all participating. Euly is on a wildlife team. I hope they can learn things to apply around here. We have plenty of wildlife, birding is getting more and more interesting daily. Lilly came to tell me she saw a road runner by the gate! I've seen him myself. It's thrilling to see their enthusiasm and appreciation for nature. 

Weird stuff I find on my phone:

The kids are trying really hard to keep the friendships we had before moving to the country. I knew it would be hard to convince friends that it's worth the drive, it's not that far...but wow, it's a challenge. 
It helps that Nick drives, and since many friends have jobs after school, it's a little hard to work out times. They are excited about a chance today. We go back to that side of town weekly for piano lessons which helps open up possibilities. 

Hope is still here, still cute, still pooping on the porch. Sorry to admit, but she seems incapable of "potty training," she just acts like a dog in every other way.

Thanks for visiting! Have a great weekend! 


  1. How blessed your mil is to have you, a two way street. Why are they ambiguous?!
    Book looks interesting.
    I too wonder how much to share, sometimes I worry I may be sharing too much.
    Praying your girl thrives at her new Uni.

    1. Thanks, Erin, we already miss her deeply!

  2. MS. I have a friend with that (16.5 years now). Just this am at coffee and donuts after Mass she was telling me about her new wonderful Doctor that speaks English as a primary language. She really likes her and is now on two new meds. Prayers for your MIL !

    1. Thank you Patty! It's such a strange disease to fight since it is so unpredictable with different people. She's had her ups and downs but her determination has definitely helped her.