Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year: We're Ready!

Let me wish you a Merry Christmas, or (as my priest texted me:) Mary. Christ. Mass.
Also, wishing you abundant blessings in this new 2016th year of our Lord.

I have been slacking on my photography, but caught some festive pictures before the kids went to a Christmas dance:

We had a wonderful and calm Christmas celebrating with all my kids at home. We went to mass at our parish, with Nick serving, which started at midnight.  Home in bed by 3 am. I had Santa's helpers this year, so very helpful! I helped Lilly to bed, the magic happened while I was occupied getting her to sleep. Yay!

We relaxed Christmas morning and opened presents enjoying items perfectly selected for each other. Our older kids really thought about us, and their siblings and gave them thoughtful, useful and beautiful items.
My first favorite: Max gave Nick a programming tool. Nick has learned so much about programming which will help him in college and beyond.

Lilly was in heaven with her Santa gift. It was a good find through Walmart, delivered here, hidden away and a successful surprise. 

It maybe the last year of Santa magical surprises in our home, so this was a good one. It's hard to keep the secret with a smart detective 5 year old gal. 

Funny, but Molly and Euly really liked their coloring books and pen sets. 

Ceci really liked the cupcake books Max gave her, encouraging real life cupcake war style cupcakes here for New Years.

Max loved it all, but really appreciated the Sonos sound system for his apartment.

They enjoyed new bows, refurbished bows and new arrows.
Shelia had to be put up since she doesn't understand how it works.

My mother in law had been fighting an infection so we spent some time visiting her in her therapy hospital over Christmas with a quick tour of some of my Austin family.

Saw on Facebook- just perfect!

Home improvement is always going on, and our freezer went out same time that we replaced a toliet. These did not stay on my porch for long ;) !!

We finished so many projects is week, it feels great to relax and enjoy the progress of a productive year! We gave my parents a walking tour around the property and marveled at what all was accomplished in 2015. Now we are thinking of what we want to get done, instead of what had to get done. God willing, 2016 will be a great year as well!

Craig and I had a downtown get away, enjoying our time together during this magical time of the year.

We annually host a few events here for family and friends, Easter, 4th of July and New Year's Eve. Two involve shooting off lots of fireworks, Craig's specialty. New Years goes late into the night. We had some of the 40 odd guests stay over, many left, and we stay up cleaning and praying for their safe drive home to wake up to a clean house. Yay for the first day of a new year. Our local parish offers the holy day of obligation for the feast for Mary Mother of God at 12:30 pm. So stay up late, sleep in, have a big breakfast, and still make it to mass. The day goes quickly relaxing and planning the new year.

My sister who lives close to me was out of the country, and greatly missed, but I was thrilled my godson made it. He brought some fireworks to shoot in her family's honor.

So new resolutions for the new year for me include continuing on my goals I've previously set and started on. I needed a word of the year:

Word or Phrase of the Year for 2016:
Profess and Proclaim
other words were circling my mind like 
All with similar meaning, then at mass Profess and Proclaim spoke to me.

And my saint for the year.
I tried Jennifer's Saint generator, but secretly wanted Saint Paul, so I decided to go with him.

We have spent some time in school this year with Saint Paul, I have a desire to go further, get to know him closer, travel with him and I felt called to befriend him closely and share with my kids.

Saint Paul, pray for us!


  1. Happy New Year, Mary! You have such a beautiful family :)
    Here's wishing you a blessed New Year!

  2. Happy New Year! It is so fun to watch everyone grow up. :D