Friday, January 15, 2016

Daybook: Our New Normal, for now

Outside my of those gorgeous January days with a big blue sky and temps in the 60's.

I am thinking...about how not to obsess over politics. No tv has helped this former political commentary addict...some. 

I am praying for...those fighting cancer, praying the Saint Peregrine novena for them.

I am thankful...Craig's safe return every time he goes on a business trip. Many miles traveled, home safe! Deo gratias!

In the kitchen...Ceci has been practicing for the 4H food show and she is intent on doing cupcakes, but she has improved her plan and recipe to make it healthier. 

I am creating...pillow shams for my bedroom. I'm slow, it will be a long while before I reveal. I'm actually enjoying taking my time deciding on colors for my room. It changes over a large palette. I need to wait until I'm sure.

We are reading aloud... The Wheel On The School by DeJong, the kids loved it. It is a fun read of an awakening village reuniting neighbor's for the purpose of trying to bring storks to the Holland sea side village. 

Five Children and It by E. Nesbit. Ceci loves it. Nesbit is my all time favorite author. My oldest have fond memories too. Fun for all ages.

I am reading...seed catalogs as we plan out garden.
I bought a garden app to help with the drawing and estimating
So far it looks like this:
Pondering this style set up since the pond won't hold water, maybe I should do this:
I am watching...Secret Garden, as we dream and plan our own garden, haha.
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Sound of Music
Veggie Tales
Lily wanted to watch movies with singing. Can't beat the classics.
We also watched Lemony Snickets Series of Unfortunate Events. Interesting but unsettling.

I am listening to...the girls practice piano for a small recital tomorrow.

I am hoping...Molly has a wonderful semester at school we moved her into her apartment Monday. Her roommates weren't home. Molly has only said good things about every experience so far. She transferred with her job and started work today. She said that has even improved from the last town. All good, classes, apartment, new friends and job. I am looking forward to hear about how she likes the church. She has met a few fellow Catholics that plan to go to mass together. I'm thrilled and happy for her.  We do miss her quite a bit, but knowing she has a good situation is a comfort.

Pretty nice view from her window. This type of apartment complex is found around many schools now, where you rent your room with own bath and closet, it's furnished, washer/dryer, the apartment tries to match you up with like minded roommates. Cheaper than the dorms, and there is a kitchen!

I am looking forward to...visiting Molly and Max when that time comes again, Max is working off shore and may be gone on quite a few assignments, I'm happy for that opportunity with things as bad as they are in the oil industry. 

Around the house...not many projects right now, just cleaning out boxes out of the attic. It is so hard for me to part with old school work. But I have too many boxes to store, especially with our limited storage space. I reduce by half of the ten boxes I pulled down, a good start. So many boxes remain.

Around the farm...Besides planning the garden and orchard, the rest are going along fine. We lost a guinea this week, we couldn't see why it died, maybe just an odd sickness. We are hoping the pregnant ewes deliver soon. 

In attack mode:
Showing off. I read they won't get their beautiful long feathers until they are closer to two.
Hens lay lots of eggs when it's sunny and warm.
Ceci's favorite hen:
Goofy smiling faces:

A few plans for the rest of the week...piano recital, hair appointment, dentist, food show, friend get togethers, and regular school life.

Something that made me laugh, chuckle..peacocks coming in an open window. I forgot how curious they can be. I need to make some screens.
Thanks for stopping by.
Enjoy your weekend! 


  1. I always enjoy my visits with you...
    I take comfort in your love of home and family,
    And am inspired and challenged to bring more of our beautiful faith into our daily lives.
    Blessings for a wonderful weekend with your people. : )

  2. Beside Molly's move, I was laughing some of this. The peacock in the window, the goofy, smiling goats (LOL).

    I will keep Molly's new chapter in my prayers.

    Hair dresser, dentist...sounds like what are week coming up is going to be like. We were there last week, but with more than a handful of kids, well you know. It's multiple trips for multiple weeks in a row ;)

    Have a blessed Sunday, Mary!

    1. Thanks for the prayers Patty!
      Sometimes I don't realize how crazy things are until I post the photos!

  3. So many things going on there! I love how your piano has sacred images on top and against it -- really helps to make music a special mode of worship. My next favorites are the smiling goats! My, they sure can pose for the camera :-).

    Glad to know that your daughter is settling in her new accommodations. All my kids are still at home, even the eldest who is in college. I don't even want to start thinking about that time when they leave the house :-(.


    1. That phase of motherhood is no fun. There was an article passed around on Facebook that phrased it right: it's not death but it is something.