Monday, January 18, 2016

A Gorgeous Day to Be Alive

Ceci invited me on a walk; we considered going on the street for more mileage, but I didn't want to handle Gromit and the lamb on the street, so we opted for a walk through the woods and fence line. Taking Gromit by the creek crossing is a little risky since it's his favorite escape point, but today he behaved, mostly. The guineas mock him.  Once you could say coincidence, but they found us four times at different places to yell their mocking cackle at Gromit. He took a swing with his jaws towards one, missed and lost his freedom for the leash.

I love the sunshine, it warms me all over and inside out and puts a big ole smile my face and in my heart.

We worked on cleaning, smoothing and marking off where the orchard will be. We will need to make small fences around each tree until large enough to not worry about sheep and goat.  Trees come in January 30th. It is exciting to plant for the future, since it will be years before we will enjoy the fruits from orchard. Hope. 

Craig has been talking of changing up the herd, and exchanging Hope for other ewes...Ceci doesn't like that idea at all. I'm sure Sheila would miss her too.

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