Thursday, July 30, 2015

{pretty, happy, funny, real} Beating the Heat

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~

The guest room is ready for visitors!
Once I decide I am ready for a project, I start and then think later, oh! where are the before pics?
This is all I have:

It is the smallest of the bedrooms and was used as storage from the day we took possession. I had to clear it out a bit when the sheet rock repairman needed to fix its broken walls. I cleaned it up a bit for Max when he came home after college and before moving out for the last time.

I picked this beautiful blue paint color for our bedroom, but deciding it was not right (after I bought four gallons). This room is significantly smaller than my bedroom and only took a gallon and half. Need any blue paint, let me know!

All furniture items that didn't fit somewhere else came together nicely. It is the perfect napping room, although I am the only one interested in naps. Only having one window, and that it faces north, it is cooler than some of the other rooms.

still needs a curtain rod - oops I forgot!

Craig fixed the 4 Wheeler! 
It has been broken for years.
I think he loves it as much, probably more than the girls.

 Euly is now old enough to learn to drive it.

There are so many trails through the property, they will have a great time exploring pathways not normally traveled.

It's hot waiting for a turn, but worth it.

A look at Lilly's day. She wants to swim as many hours in the day as possible, then play with the chicks with all other hours in the day.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

{Counting Gifts} July's abundance

Storing away sunshine for a rainy day...
Taking time to note times God's work in my life especially with the very little things as well as the big. I'm thankful for all the gifts in life. Helping me to keep perspective to thank God for:


Texts from Nick from camp.

Forcing myself to trust.

Max motivation.

Dance camp.

That Lilly's forehead cut wasn't worse. 

Throwback - Molly with her gal pals. And red hair.

Words that pack a punch.

Being frienemies today. Feeling too old to argue with the illogical thinking of a five year old. But making it home without a meltdown. And cowboy boots.

First day of dance camp - a success! Cecilia has always had such poise!

Comforting a lonely girl at night.

Waiting for Lilly to wake up. She still needs me in the mornings, stretching out motherhood as long as I can.

I have always loved Saint John Vianney's sermons:
"Our greatest cross is the fear of crosses. . . . We have not the courage to carry our cross, and we are very much mistaken; for, whatever we do, the cross holds us tight -- we cannot escape from it. What, then, have we to lose? Why not love our crosses and make use of them to take us to Heaven?"

Curriculum planning.

Getting through more on the master list to To Do.

Kicking myself in gear.


Brave face.

A good hard cry.

Reminders to avoid gluten, as plain as your face.

That the cloud over Waller has almost past.

Molly's enduring and strong spirit.

Chiropractor visits.

New pillow technology to help my aching neck.

For adult kids who go to confession.

That time I fit 11 people in my car at 1 a.m. In the middle of nowhere after the tow truck left. Yeah.


4 H cooking camp ! Great inspiration!

Computer table


Picking her apron, getting ready for camp.

Lessons fom Gone with the Wind.

Father son projects.

Trying to accept the bad mullet hair cut and country girl bleach job...oh the vanity.

Friends over til midnight. Good thing we planned to sleep in the next day.

Birthday- Ceci loves to enjoy it her way.

Cowboys boots
My couch snuggle partner.
Rhode Island Reds:

Receiving a compliment on my photography from Max. 

Night on the town.
Everyone jumping in to help Max get settled in.
New apartment- on his own!
Anniversary buffet.
Ceci's dinner.
Alphabet pathway.
Hometown specialty
Organizing Nicks room, planning a reveal when he comes home.
Beautiful blue skies.
Guest room ready!
Rebuilt fireplace, can't wait for cool weather!
Organizing piles in office. Making planing to clean up my paper filing system.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

DayBook - Looking at the last week of July and answering the last AMT

Outside my, dry, even when it's humid, moisture stealing weather with an occasional refreshing breeze.
This is the time of year siestas were invented for, from 10-5, take a nap! It's too hot to do anything else.
Planning to be busy during the month of August so we don't notice how hot it is.

I am praying many health issues this week! Praying for my m-i-l who ended up in the ER then over to a physical rehab to help her get balance and strength and walk again. She may be there a couple of weeks.  It looks like she will need to move to assisted living, and I hope we an accommodate that transition sooner than later.
...for my sweet Uncle Jack...who the day after retiring from mail delivery for 50 years thought he had pneumonia, but it turned out to be stage four small cell lung cancer. Pray for this sweet man who has always has a special place in my heart.
...for my sister's m-i-l who fell, but seems to be ok.
...for my daughter who found out that the constant pain in her back is from osteoarithris.
...And for another daughter who shows unmistable signs of a gluten allergy. This after a week of lots of wheat consumption. We are trying to embrace Gluten free for the whole family. The others have these same genetic tendency, so might as well save them the trouble of conversion in the future.
...for our hearts to comply with God's Will.
...Also for the tiresome race baiting Waller county hating people over an issue that should not have caused a desire and call for anarchy.
...for our country and her leaders.

I am thankful...for this next generation who are brave and will need courage to fight the good fight and stand up for Truth where their older generations in the country have not. I have hope for them!

In the kitchen...we're cooking chicken fajitas on the grill, sautéed onions, guacamole and beans with some homemade margaritas for us older folks.

I am creating...and painting signs for the chicken coop.

I am be driving a lot this week. The girls are enrolled in dance camps. Cecilia is learning ballroom and Euly is learning Western style dances. Both girls are very excited.

I am wondering...about spinal health. We are learning all we can for Molly, since she is very young to show signs of arthritis. We are taking steps physical, in her car, her clothing and even diet to see what we can do to aid the therapy she will be having intensely to try to stop the damage. 
I have always had neck pain, I'm a teeth clincher when I sleep over stress. But after bed shopping and pillow shopping and chiropractor visiting, I have changed my sleeping pattern and now only use one firm pillow, making sure I tuck it around my neck and not letting my shoulder get out of align. I feel great and am amazed at what a different an adjustment and new pillows make.

I am reading...
Everything You Were Taught About the Civil War Is Wrong since we are continuing mid 1800 U.S. History.
Projects That Matter successful Planning for Religious Organizations because Father asked me to help fun raise on another level.
Rainbow Resource Center catalog so I can get some treats for the new school year. 

I am watching...the kids play Go Fish with their cousin. 

Around the house...I was able to get much done of my to do list this week.
1. The guest room is painted and beautiful and ready for guests:

2. Nick's room is rearranged with new to him but very old to us furniture (Craig's from when he was young).
organized, cleaned, sorted. He was working as a camp councilor all week, so I had so problem keeping it looking beautiful all week.

3. The office is organized with old years stuff sorted and gone, 

I am pondering...home school curriculum for next year. I've been homeschooling so long I do probably have everything! But I think new folders and a few fresh workbooks and art supplies are fun to have the new year experience, even if some things are carried over from last year.

A favorite quote/verse/prayer for today...


Saint Alphonsus, loving Father of the poor and sick, all your life you devoted yourself with charity towards those who suffer sickness. I invoke you as the patron of those who suffer with arthritis since you were afflicted with this disease in your lifetime.
Look with compassion on me in my suffering. Full of confidence in your intercession I come to you for help in my present need (mention need- for Molly's healing and relief).

A peek into my day...
The "old" chickens are not being ignored. The roster learned to crow and two hens figured out where to lay eggs for us to find them. A good week! 

We do give the babies a lot of attention. We decided it was warm enough for them to move outside. They were a little scared at first, but by the end of the day they were running and whooping like guineas and the peacocks were curious about how to find even more freedom. 

And Answers to Kendra's Last AMT for the summer, because now she has better things to do :

From Kendra's Answer Me This:
Now for NEXT WEEK's questions, to answer NEXT WEEK . . . which will be the LAST week of Answer Me This for this summer. Yes, I know that most people's understanding of "Every Sunday All Summer" would include August. But, I'm not sure I can commit to getting them up on time once there's a new little person in the house. So next week will be the 
last for this summer, and I'll plan on bringing it back again . . . when you least expect it!

1. What's your favorite grocery store splurge?
Non food: any kitchen gadget. 
Drink: Kombucha
Junk: Oreos
All rare purchases.

2. How's your penmanship?
Sloppy. I try but I tend to write quickly and it deteriorates with speed.

3. Do you have a "Summer Bucket List?"
Yes, in a way. I have home projects I like to get completed some don't have the urge to paint a wall or something instead of school. Which has happened if I don't start the year off feeling organized. 
No baby or move this year, maybe will have a good smooth start and meet our goals. I usually like to visit at least one water park. We have t yet this year. There is still time. 

4. What's the best thing on the radio right now?
Usually ITunes. And depending on who is in control of the selections"playing Dj" but it's usually something but the band Twenty One Pilots.
Rarely, when I am in the car alone during the day, I listen to Rush.

5. Ice cream or frozen yogurt?
Ice cream! We are still missing Blue Bell and don't have a new favorite brand of the replacements filling our local groceries. But I'm trying other brands instead of froyo.

6. Have you had that baby NOW? Not pregnant, but Kendra did so go look at her cute Mary Jane.

A last peek into my day...
The little lamb squeezes through the shop gate and hangs out with the chickens. He hasn't grown much and the girls call him Forever Baby.