Friday, December 4, 2015

Second Week of Advent Daybook

Outside my window...sunny and cool. We are happy to see the clouds move out so our dirt road can dry out. It was pummeled, flooded and partially washed away by the creek. 

I am thinking ... about Advent attitudes. It surprises me how heated some can get over when someone else puts up their tree. 

I am praying for..friends fighting cancer, Molly's recovery from dental surgery, finals, jobs, and all those we've lost "beyond the door" this year.

I am thankful...praying together with my kids. I love how they know which decade of the rosary is "theirs."

In the kitchen...the girls participated in a 4h mock food show competition and prepared picnic type food items, presented to the judges and answered questions. This was a great experience and good opportunity for us to learn more about 4h. 
Ceci loves Cupcake Wars and turned this into her own opportunity to show her skills. She made a delicious (from scratch) chocolate peanut butter snicker surprise cupcake. The judges loved it. 

Euly made a fruit arrangement and lemon aid. We learned about what we need to present and will plan the actual dish with more nutritional info and serving sizes.

Kids are creating...annual gingerbread house. Max came to visit and helped the girls with it.

I am waiting...while Molly is having her wisdom teeth removed. Neither of us like dentists very much, nothing personal, just lifetime of bad experiences. We also don't like needles or losing the control of our consciousness; so to make it this far, with the procedure underway, says a lot. We are learning to offer up unpleasantness in prayer for those in worse situations. It's only teeth, thank God for dentists. 
She recovered quickly, just exhausted.

I am reading...Cs Lewis Mere Christianity with Euly and Nick. Also Christmas short stories. And all our Advent and Christmas picture books.

I am watching...the CCD kids sing Immaculate Mary with other classes. Lilly's teacher shared these photos. Lilly loved her class and doesn't mind being the only girl.

I am listening to...Phantom Of the Opera album. 

Euly and I went to see the opera last Sunday and it was so fabulous. We had a great mother daughter date and enjoyed the whole experience. Especially the part which almost went to disaster. I had been trying to get the best price ticket and ended up ordering the wrong day. So when we walked in to ticket taker and they pointed this sad fact out to me. I was in shock. The sweet lady told me not to panic, but I was already, and sent me to the ticket counter and they found seats for us, no added charge.
We couldn't have enjoyed it anymore knowing we could have been thrown out. Thank you, Hobby Center!
The set was an engineering feat! It turned and opened to every different scene to alley ways, opera house, cemetery and manager's office. I loved every moment. Euly was glowing!

Around the house...we finished staining the outside siding. We were delayed while Craig planned and installed a wood burning stove and then had to repair the rotten siding. We still have the decks to do. But oh, an accomplishment! Feels good.
We need another chimney extension before we can have a fire. Our bedroom has so many windows, this wood burning stove will save us its cost in propane this year.

Craig had to add a wall where the window was. I'll post a pic when we have first fire.

I am pondering...when we can add a deck off our bedroom now that the exterior is complete. (Still some window washing/ scraping).
Picture is before staining- in progress after wall was filled in. We still need to replace doors and build chimney box over smoke stack... And build a deck. Just not sure how big. 

A few plans for the rest of the week... Immaculate Conception, 4h party, Nutcracker, piano, Shakespeare group get together, 4h group meeting.

A peek into my day...the other day when we went for a walk after the rains. 


  1. Such beautiful photos, my friend!
    Love the family love....
    Same here!
    Blessings for a good second week of Advent. : )

    1. Blessings to you, too, Billie Jo!

  2. I love how you pour so much love into that house! You are folks after my own heart (and my husbands). The dental work...I hear you. I have to go. I have the cash set aside, but still can't make the appointment. I was blessed with teeth that have given me trouble...a gene passed down from my mom. At least we can offer it up and emphasize with one another. The gingerbread house pictures are precious. The play!! What an opportunity. Very happy for you :)

    1. Thanks, Patty! I'll pray for you and the dental stuff. We got the gene from my mom, too. My dad and husband have perfect teeth. :/

  3. Thank goodness re tickets!
    Do love seeing your building progress

    1. Thanks, Erin, we will have plenty of work for many years ;)