Thursday, November 12, 2015

TT: Close Up Portraits

I love this week's theme: my favorite. Close Ups. Best with my 50mm lens. 

I have learned a lot about taking photos from my older two kids, biggest things I keep in mind, since I notice I need to, is to keep the camera level ( I know it can be adjusted later) and to get the whole "thing" in the shot, the whole hand, head, body, whatever. Still trying to be conscious of the rule of thirds, but don't always apply it. Lighting and source of light to avoid shadows is also in the back of my mind.

Sticking with my accommodating model, Lilly, and we added Hope, because she's always around. The best thing/worse thing about photos of Hope: her face is exactly the same in every photo. She is a sheep, after all.

 Now Lilly, she has a different look and mood in every shot. 

Cecilia took this one of us. 

Which reminded me another thing to think about - what's in the background.

Ceci did good.
I am not on this side of the camera often enough.

I will have everyone home for Thanksgiving and will try to work on a group shot for the next week's theme.


  1. But she's a cute sheep! I love 50mm lenses! Lilly cracks me up.

  2. How cute! You have two adorable models.

    I've never used a 50 mm lens, but I read about how great they are! My sister has one and loves it. Maybe someday.... :)