Thursday, November 5, 2015

TT: Catch Lights

Theme Thursday Oct Nov

Sometimes I over think the prompts, 
but this time I just asked for a volunteer, went outside and caught some light in Lilly's eyes.
Working on capturing better photos, especially of people,  I do best outdoors.

She took her job pretty seriously.
I like this one, but it's a little serious for a five year old. I think she was trying to "catch the light."
taken with my 35 mm, M 1/100 5.6 100

I love a look at what she sees:

We played with catching some light indoors. This one uses natural light in Euly's eyes.
This one I used a small flashlight to create a catch light.

Check out more catch lights at Micaela's.


  1. So sweet that she took her job that seriously!! Both girls are beautiful with their catchlights. They have such expressive eyes!

  2. That second shot is stunning! The joy in her eyes! I love it.