Monday, November 30, 2015

Theme Thursday- Groups Shots

Linking with Micaela for Theme Thursday Group Photos.

On the way out of town for Thanksgiving, I thought, since we were dressed up, why not try a family shot? The more spontaneous and no notice works best with this crowd.

We thought we'd try a few different poses, mostly to loosen everyone up.
We lost the chord for the remote camera trigger, so Max or Nick ran back and forth to hit the timer.

 Lilly's Silly Face idea:

 Ceci's Jazz Hands Idea:

Pondering look,or AKA punch your own face.
 Try to look "normal"

And Craig wanted one on the porch, like last year, probably our annual look.
Yes, there is usually at least one animal willing to pose with us. It seemed appropriate to feature Hope this year.


  1. Man, I really love your photo shoot. Your kiddos are funny and adorable too.