Friday, November 6, 2015

Seven Quick Takes: Month of Departed Souls

I haven't done a 7QT post in a long time.
This week has been a blurring, busy, busy, emotional every day kind of week with no let up in sight so I want to remember the highlights.

1. Biggest Highlight
We visited Saint Maria Goretti's relics on Wednesday.

Carol shared this talk by Father Charles Martin which we were able to hear almost the same version live. The best part of this story is forgiveness, how Maria chose to forgive her attacker, Alessandro Serenelli and how he eventually forgave himself.
A story especially for our times in this fallen culture we live in.
My favorite part of the forgiveness story is when Maria appeared to Alessandro and gave him 14 lilies, one for each time her stabbed her. I love this sweet saint.
My second favorite part is when her mother forgave her daughter's murderer:
 "Alessandro, Marietta forgave you, 
Christ has forgiven you, 
and why should I not also forgive. 
I forgive you, of course, my son!"

2. Saddest Highlight

While waiting our turn, I learned that a dear, sweet friend, Beverly, a homeschooling mother of five had lost her nine month battle with stomach cancer the night before. We had prayed our rosary and Divine Mercy novena for her while waiting our turn to see Maria as we hoped for a miracle, and brought a photo of her family to Saint Maria Goretti. We thought how Maria's mother had to give up her children in faith, I couldnt help think of Beverly's life and having to give her children as she journeys toward heaven. 
Eternal rest grant dear Beverly, may perpetual light shine upon her, and through the mercy of God, may she rest in peace. And may her family be blessed through their loss.

3. All Souls Highlight
We started the school week off with All Souls Day Mass with the liturgy for the dead with Father in black vestments.
We have made many stops to pray at many different cemeteries as we try to do every November for the indulgence for All Souls. 
We have been trying to go a little more out of the way to find the Catholic cemeteries, even though any cemetery is sufficient.

We discovered a sweet, but heartbreaking, child section in one in Brenham. I am touched my kids enjoy this devotion with me. We pray, recite names, think of so many lives who have already passed through the door to the journey to heaven. 

4. Life Lessons Learned
I love our Catholic faith. I love the gift of the Church from Jesus, and the wisdom of the Magesterium's guiding hand in matters of living life and dealing with death. 
We Catholics do some weird things, we just roll with it. We visit relics, bones of saints enclosed in a wax statue reverently  carried around the world with the knowledge venerating ( not worshiping) this young Saint will bring us an intersessor before God all our prayers and concerns, and hopefully miracles in our lives.
We light candles knowing our prayers will be lifted to heaven like the smoke from the burning wick.
We believe angels are angels and people are people and we don't change to be angels when we die.
We visit cemeteries and pray for souls passed away this week and even centuries ago hoping to quicken their journey of purification to heaven, and that we may have a chance to have their prayers and meet in heaven some day, to praise God together. 
There is joy in holy pain, suffering, in grief and in hurting, whether we know it consciously. Christ won. How can we celebrate the pain of an eleven year old Saint Maria? Because she gave it to God to suffer like Christ, and we humbly can learn in her example. I am so thankful I was able to take my children with me this week to witness faith in action. So many things we cannot understand, why some miracles are granted and others not, but God knows, and we need to place it all at His throne.

5. Visiting Highlight
On a visit with our friends, Carol had the kids made saint ornaments. I am trying to get organized enough to add more December saints to our Jesse tree this Advent. 
Hopefully I'll get myself organized in time.

  6. Wasting Time Highlight
We helped Molly with car repair arrangements, resulting in hours to waste spend together in Brenham. The girls got their hair cut, we had lunch, went shoe shopping, prayed prayers at a cemetery and still had time for a photo shoot by a railroad track now in disuse.

 Molly is a fun model to practice with for different photo situations.

7. Going For A Walk Highlight
Hope was spastic one morning this week.
We think she was trying to tell us she would rather have breakfast before a walk, but day light savings has us all mixed up with meal times.

So, with all those thoughts, I wish you a wonderful weekend, my friend!  

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  1. I love our Catholic Faith also. I pray the chaplet every day at 3pm. I am thinking of any soul that might not have someone praying for them. Love that goat jumping for joy!

    1. That's beautiful, Christine! I should set an alarm to remind me daily. :)

  2. Oh I love your oldest girl's new haircut, suits her

    1. Thanks Erin. She's trying out different styles and I think they all look good.

  3. St. Maria Goretti is my Confirmation Saint. :)

    I'm so sorry to hear about the death of your friend. I saw a prayer request for her on FB.

  4. Beautiful words about Beverly and the mother of Maria Goretti. I hadn't thought of that image...just beautiful. I was wanting to share with you something a friend said when our other friend's mother was dying (it was this past summer and the mom's name was also Beverly). The daughter was struggling with watching her mother in pain and our friends sent these words:
    "your mom is in pain, but you know her and she may want to give one more gift: her suffering. Our Lord is preparing a gift for her that will more than make up for her lifetime of giving. He loves her so very much. She is a strong, giving mother. This is the most important moment of her life - she is giving birth to her full self that God made her to be."

    1. Thank you Carol. This is beautiful!