Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Crazy Ram-ses Behavior

On an absolutely beautiful November Saturday, we set all other projects, visits and activities aside to get the backlog of outdoor work done.

Euly and I worked on completing the staining of the outdoor siding (almost done) and Craig and Nicholas worked on designing, procuring materials and began building a shelter for the sheep and goat.

Today, the sheep didn't come in to their pen for their afternoon snack. I thought it was because of the noisy work going on close by, but it looks like Ramses, the leader sheep, is trying to figure out how to climb/jump a top the concrete block stack which Pocahontas usually claims the right to. 
The sole right to since she is our only goat.
We didn't plan on getting any goats, she snuck in the trailer when we bought the others. She has blended in well, almost like the sheep, well almost.
She is bolder, braver, sassier.
We love her personality! 

Goats can climb, sheep can't / don't. Maybe they can, they usually do not.
Goats reach up on their back legs for the leaves on the higher branch, sheep stay low.
Differences haven't been a problem until Ramses decided he wanted to be up on the concrete blocks. 
I watched in amazement at his determination to jump a top the blocks, and practiced at least fifteen times while I watched.
He didn't really understand the whole Pocahontas is a goat thing, and she just hops up with no effort.
But good for him for trying.
The other sheep watched for a while, then one by one went off to rest in the woods. 

He tried head butting the blocks.
He never came close.

I don't think he will make it, but maybe with his determination, he will!
Then what will he do?

I thought I'd leave you with a glimpse of these sweet birds.


  1. I love visiting with you here, my friend!
    I learn so much through your words and amazing photos!
    Have a great Sunday with your beautiful family. : )

  2. Those pictures are so funny!! What an animal!

  3. Wow..amazing pictures. I love blogs that post a lot of pictures. I dont have time to read so I love looking. My favorite are those two birds at the end. Made me smile!

  4. very nice captures. I'm impressed!