Monday, November 2, 2015

Holidays and Holy Days

Celebrating is better in threes.


We have an annual tradition with our good friends to spend Halloween together.
Our old neighborhood was very spread out and the neighbor's who loved Halloween were so kind to the kids. We made a hay ride evening out of it. We enjoyed visiting. Since we moved we changed the routine up and works smoothly.

Traci's kids build an incredible spooky barn to remind the visitors of the three last things: hell, purgatory and (after visiting) heaven. 

My kids enjoy helping add touches and participate in scaring the visitors. This year was the best. I've heard rumors this is the last year, but I've heard that before.  I'd hate to see it stop, but half our kids are grown and "gone," it gets harder.  They invited a good crowd of kids to come through and all were (playfully) frightened and impressed.

We really enjoy the tradition of celebrating All Hallow's Eve with friends. 

 We take time to trick or treat the neighbors too.

All Saints Day
A holy day of obligation.
Our homeschool group's celebration has been postponed due to rain.  The kids have their activity and saints planned. 
All Saint's Party. 2015
My girls honored Saint Jaconta, Saint Claire and our Blessed Mother.

Here's one from two years back.

I also like to make resolutions for this new church year. Praying the family rosary together at deicated time and getting to confession together are both big resolutions for me. How time and activities slip between these things! It's a worthwhile struggle to battle distractions to be together.

All Souls Day

I was one of those kids who would be scared to death passing a cemetery. Now I have a total love for cemeteries -and take my kids to pray November 1-8 as often as we can.

There is a plenary indulgence we all can earn for those poor souls in purgatory who cannot do it for themselves.

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  1. Wow...Those Star Wars costumes are fancy! Looks so warm there! We usually freeze trick-or-treating!