Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Four Years of Blogging It Up

Four years ago I was inspired after reading Ann Voskamp's book to count up to 1000 gifts. Thanksgiving of that year I began noting of little things for which I was thankful. I had a series of computer and phone data crashes that inspired me to start a blog, to keep a journal of our days online and untouched from my computer issues.

I started the blog for me, and maybe provide a place my kids might like to reflect on life from my eyes. I have since been encouraged and surprised by comments and like minded friends out there on this journey along side me, raising our kids in different geographical areas, but with the same hoped for destination: Heaven. 

Sometimes I know I have nothing to say, nothing to add. I think what if this looks like I'm bragging? Complaining?  It is not my intention, I want to store memories, events, occasions of real, every day life. If it inspires, I am overjoyed. If it offends, I am sorry, but I am doing my best at following my heart as I can in this world to reflect our life as Catholic homeschoolers. I love every aspect of it. Life is full of love, of joy and hard work, disappointments and sadness too.

As far as counting gifts, I still take notes, not writing them down as much as I did at the start, blogging them even less since I have recorded many thousands of moments here. I do still snap the memory in my mind, breath a prayer of thanksgiving for all Our Lord has generously blessed me. 

Life evolves and focuses change. The blog will eventually change as well.  When we bought the house, we had to give it a name for tax purposes. We named it Pax Rustica.  It is Latin and translates to a Rustic Peace. I am thinking about leaving blogger and starting my own .com and name it after the property. 

Thank you for visiting with me here, it means so much to receive your comments; it always encourages me after putting a part of our lives out there.

God bless you!

October and November thankfulness:

Girls getting 4h practice

Diet restart

The Obriens farm

Max's encouragement 

Thanksgiving- being welcomed

Phantom of the Opera

Kind ticket people to fix my mistakes and save the day

Plenty of wood for the fireplace

Celebrating every year of Max

Giggling with Lillykin, cold sheets with cold toes.

Space heaters

Blurry memories

Sheep shelter

Halloween candy smell

Night out

Flowers in the fall

Lilly's Quarter choices

Marilyn and Hope

Euly and a wonderful 14 years


Country western dances

Dance contest winners

Kleb woods resident fox

Cutie pie

Pumpkin choices


Face painting fun

Corn maze fair activities

Hay rides

Giving the exterior a face lift

Cow girls

My grandmothers house in the fall

Ceci waging her own cup cake wars


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  1. I'm SO SO happy I found your blog! It brings me peace when reading it. I've so enjoyed the peeks into your Pax Rustica!